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6. Specifics of Employment Contracts for Foreigners 


6. Specifics of Employment Contracts for ForeignersA foreign or expatriate employee who is authorized to pursue an occupation within Portuguese territory is entitled to the same rights and is subject to the same duties as an employee with Portuguese citizenship.


An employment contract with foreign or expatriate employees must be in writing and shall contain, besides the specific formalities also foreseen for term contracts, the following information:


(a) Identification, signature, and the full address of the parties;

(b) Reference to the work permit or certificate authorizing permanent or temporary residence of the employee in Portuguese territory;

(c) The employer’s activity;

(d) Employee’s job and salary;

(e) Workplace and normal working hours;

(f) Amount, frequency, and salary’s payment method;

(g) Labour contract's execution date;

(h) Contract’s date and the beginning of its effects.


The employee must also attach to the contract the identification and the address of the person or persons who will receive pensions in the event of death resulting from an occupational accident or illness.


The employment contract should be prepared in duplicate (one for each party). The employer’s duplicate must have attached proof of legal obligations concerning the entry and residence of the foreign or expatriate employee in Portugal.


The employer must communicate to the Portuguese labour authorities, through electronic form:


(a) The execution of a labour contract with a foreign or expatriate employee, prior to the beginning of its execution;

(b) The labour contract’s termination, 15 days thereafter.



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