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1.3. Professional Training


1.3. Professional TrainingEmployees are entitled each year to a minimum of 40 hours of training, or if hired on a fixed contract for a period equal to or greater than three months, a minimum number of hours in proportion to the duration of the contract for that year.


The employer may provide this annual training for up to two years in advance, or defer it, as long as the training plan so establishes, for an equal period of time, recording the training completed in fulfillment of the oldest training obligation (the advance period is 5 years in the event of attending a recognition, validation and certification of skills process, or for training which provides dual certification).


The employer shall provide training in each year to at least 10% of the company’s employees.


With the termination of an employment contract, the employee is entitled to receive compensation corresponding to the minimum annual number of hours of training that has not been provided, or credit for the training hours that they hold on the date of termination.



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