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Establishing a Business


3.1. Logistics and Industrial Space

In Portugal, the industrial market is mostly located in industrial parks. These parks are specific zoned and planned areas for industrial or logistics purposes. Usually located outside the residential areas, they may have available major infrastructures and good geographical location and accessibilities. 


We begin this section introducing the “AICEP Global Parques”, which is specialist in park management and business location.

3.1.1. AICEP Global Parques and Global Find

The AICEP Global Parques is owned by AICEP Portugal Global, and it is focused in promoting business locations, by offering global solutions for enterprise location, services for the installation and assistance by providing relevant information.

Within the products and services offered by AICEP Global Parques, we would like to highlight the
Global Find tool and the Global Force service.


Global Find is a product developed in web environment that answers to the need of identifying solutions for the location of companies in the Portuguese territory, aiming to assist industrial and logistics companies in search for a new location.  Based on Geographical Information Systems platform (GIS), and with free on-line access, Global Find identifies plots in industrial parks, which are suitable for the installation of industrial and logistic activities. The plots are selected taking into account the requirements chosen by the client from a pre-defined infrastructural, demographic and socio-economic criteria query. The tool allows multi-criteria query or free search, browsing the map, display of information regarding places of interest and the delivery of reports.


Aicep Global Parques’s experts also provide customized consulting services to the investor in the process of selecting the best business location.


Global Force provides consulting services to support investment and installation companies.  Global Force target customers are industrial and business parks, as well as investors seeking new locations (through, for example, procurement of business sites, selection of alternative locations, installation project, industrial licensing, urban planning, allotment for industrial purposes, or even building projects.

3.1.2. Lisbon           


Greater Lisbon’s industrial and logistics market is split up into 6 zones where the main offer is mainly concentrated, as shown in the following map:



Greater Lisbon’s industrial and logistics market

Cushman & Wakefield, Guide for Property Investment in Portugal, 2010


In 2009, rents have remained globally stable between €2.75 / sqm / month and €6.50 / sqm / month, depending on the location area, building characteristics and quality and level of demand and supply.

Below is presented the average rent prices for each zone specified on the map:

Zone 1 – Alverca / Azambuja / Carregado: €3.50 / sqm / month to €4.50 / sqm / month;

Zone 2 – Almada / Setúbal / Palmela: €2.75 / sqm / month to €4.00 / sqm / month;

Zone 3 – Loures: €3,75 / sqm / month to €4.50 / sqm / month;

Zone 4 – Montijo / Alcochete: €3.25 / sqm / month to €4.25 / sqm / month;

Zone 5 – Sintra / Cascais / Amadora: €4,00 / sqm / month to €5.00 / sqm / month;

Zone 6 – City of Lisbon: €4.50 / sqm / month to €6.50 / sqm / month.

With regards to sales prices, it ranges between €550 / sqm and €850 € / sqm to logistic warehouses, and between 50 € / sqm and 250 € / sqm for industrial facilities.

Construction costs for high quality standards are estimated between €300 / sqm to €425 / sqm for a warehouse, and €350 / sqm to €600 / sqm for an industrial facility.

3.1.3. Oporto

Regarding rent prices for Greater Porto area, data is not available with the same level of detail as Lisbon’s. When comparing average rent prices and considering a reference price in Lisbon of €4.00 / sqm / month, the average rent price for Porto will be lower, ranging between €3.00 / sqm / month and €3.50 / sqm / month. 




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