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Establishing a Business


This chapter aims to provide useful and practical information regarding the establishment of a company in Portugal.


First, we will explain the business development in Portugal, encompassing topics such as intellectual property, capital markets, costs in the real estate market, both industrial and office, and operating costs related to major infrastructure.  We conclude with considerations for dispute resolution in Portugal. 


1. Intelectual Property

1.1. Introduction 

1.2. Outline of Portugal’s Legal Intellectual Property regime

1.3. Protection of Intellectual Property through the Courts and Arbitration

2. Capital Markets

3. The Real Estate Market

3.1. Logistic and Industrial Space

3.2. Office Space

4. Operational Costs

4.1. Electricity

4.2. Natural Gas

4.3. Water

5. Dispute Resolution

5.1. Conciliation

5.2. Arbitration

5.3. Mediation

5.4. Justice of the Peace Courts




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