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4.1. Electricity

ElectricityThe Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) is responsible for regulating the natural gas and electricity sectors at the national level, covering the mainland and islands.


According to Eurostat (the document "Data in Focus 46/2010, Environment and Energy, Electricity Prices for First Semester 2010), the average price of electricity in Portugal, for industrial use (the annual consumption of between 500 and 2,000 MWh), is €9.35 / 100 kWh, below the EU average (€10.37 / 100 kWh) and the Eurozone (€ 10.72 / 100 kWh).


ERSE also offers online an Electricity Price Simulator which allows the consumer to better select the electricity supplier, by comparing prices through a software tool, according to consumption pattern, and to access updated information about the deregulated market and reference prices.

For more information for electricity prices and tariffs, click here.




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