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5.1. Conciliation

7.1. ConciliationConciliation is informal in nature and it does not have court involvement or regulatory framework. Through conciliation, the parties with or without the involvement of a third party, try to find a solution to their disagreement.


When a third party intervenes, so-called conciliator, it works together with the other parties, inviting them to discuss the matter on which they disagree and helping them to reach a voluntary agreement.

The conciliator focus in the objective aspects of the conflict, presses for a rapid, non-exhaustive solution to the matter and helps the parties in dispute to reach an agreement under their own responsibility. The conciliator assumes an active role, and may even propose a solution to the dispute.


Conciliation has no binding nature. However, in case there is an arbitration convention over the dispute and the conciliation is successful, parties may appoint the conciliator as a moderator, which may then proceed with the final decision through arbitration judgment.
In Portugal there are numerous conciliation centers able to carry out conciliation in dispute resolution.




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