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Better Skills

Foreign languages, mathematics, management and science are just a few areas where the Portuguese people's skills stand out.




Foreign languages

  61% of Portuguese people speak at least 1 foreign language.

English learning is mandatory from elementary school.
78% of the students learn 2 or more foreign languages (65% in EU-28, 53% in France or 42% in Spain).

Vantagem Matemathics
  Mathematics performance above OECD: 19.6%, PISA 2012 (OECD average of 14.8%).


26º lugar

Quality of Management Schools: Portugal ranks #26.

21º lugar

Availability of scientists and engineers: Portugal ranks #21.

21º lugar Quality of Scientific Research Institutions: Portugal ranks #21.


Source: World Economic Forum (Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016, Total number of countries: 140).