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NewsRoom (by AICEP)

  • 10 september

    Global Business Services and Competence Centres are driving innovation and efficiency and already play an important role in Portuguese economy. This industry in Portugal witnessed an impressive growth in the last decade. Cities like Lisbon and Porto emerged as trendy and attractive destinations for these type of operations in Europe.

    2020-08-10 11:00
  • China Three Gorges Corp. (CTG) has paid 220.3 million euros (about US$260.8 million) for 66.7 million more shares in Energias de Portugal SA (EDP), which the Portuguese electricity company is issuing to raise capital, EDP announced on Wednesday.

    2020-08-11 09:15
  • The fall in tourism activity was less pronounced in June compared to the previous month, mostly due to residents choosing a staycation in Portugal, according to the quick estimate of the National Statistics Institute (INE).

    2020-08-11 09:00
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • PSA Sines, concessionaire of the Container Terminal of the Port of Sines (Terminal XXI), has launched a tender for the expansion of this port infrastructure.

    2020-08-10 09:15
    Seatrade Maritime News/AICEP
  • Leeds-headquartered technology and engineering consultancy BJSS has expanded into Portugal with an initial investment in the region of more than €12m (£10.8m) within 18 months.

    2020-08-10 09:00
    Insider Media/AICEP
  • Verizon Ventures today announced it led a €4 million ($4.5 million) Series A financing round in PICadvanced (PICa), a developer of cost-effective optics and photonics solutions for telecom applications. Joining Verizon Ventures in the round is a 200M Co-investment Fund managed by PME Investimentos, which makes co-investments in high-growth Portuguese startups. 

    2020-08-07 09:45
  • Some cities around the globe have carved out such a special place in the minds of people in the startup world that they are effortlessly associated with the best business launch experience.

    2020-08-07 09:30
  • The Algarve’s film industry is “about to boom”. So say two film production companies based in the Algarve which started this week a “long-term collaboration to raise the profile of the region as a destination for the global media and entertainment industry”.

    2020-08-07 09:15
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • An eDreams study concluded that this summer Portugal is welcoming many French tourists, followed by visitors from Germany and Switzerland.

    2020-08-07 09:05
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • ENRICH in China is organizing a Workshop series happening this autumn (September and November) with some of our Community Members. This series is made up of 3 online workshops.

    2020-08-07 09:00

    The Economic Section of the Consulate-General of Portugal and AICEP’s office for Macau & Hong Kong in cooperation with the Portugal-Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 30 July 2020 hold the webinar “Investing in Portugal – Your next location”.

    2020-08-04 11:00
  • The Explorer is the official marketplace for green technology from Norway. It connects international needs with Norwegian solutions.

    2020-08-04 11:48
    The Explorer/AICEP
  • The European Union approved under EU rules for state aid Portugal's plans to create a new national development bank to promote the growth of the Portuguese economy.

    2020-08-05 10:30
    ECO News/AICEP
  • A new programme has been launched that will support researchers in Europe to develop routes to market for early stage technologies (EST) in the Blue Economy.

    2020-08-05 10:15
  • The “Digital Funding Forum” by ENRICH will take place from 20th to 22nd October. The event will provide a comprehensive overview on funding initiatives for research and innovation and the supporting institutions. This is the second edition of the annual event.

    2020-08-04 09:30
  • Besides the mega-project worth 1.5 billion euros to install in Sines a green hydrogen production plant with 1 GW of installed capacity, in consortium with Galp, Martifer, REN and the Danish company Vestas, EDP makes no secret that it is already analysing opportunities and projects for the production of this decarbonised gas of the future in other geographies.

    2020-08-05 10:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The renewable energy produced will be purchased by Wabash Valley Power Alliance, Walmart and a private off-taker, which acquired respectively 100 MW, 50 MW and 50 MW.

    2020-08-05 09:45
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Portugal’s national tourism authority Turismo de Portugal has launched a travel insurance scheme for foreign tourists that covers Covid-19 related claims.

    2020-08-05 09:30
  • Faro’s Forum Algarve shopping centre in Faro has received three awards which it says help prove it is a safe place to visit this summer.

    2020-08-05 09:15
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • The 25-megawatt installation features the world’s largest offshore wind turbine.

    2020-08-05 09:00
    Commercial Property Executive/AICEP
  • The Algarve is sitting pretty with several entries in a series of listings of Top 25 Hotels in Portugal in TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Awards Best of the Best.

    2020-08-04 09:15
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • The tourist sector began to show the first signs of recovery in June, mainly due to demand from the Portuguese. Only a third of the establishments admit to lower prices.

    2020-08-04 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The three companies who dominate Portugal's mobile phone market said they would not use Huawei technology in their core 5G networks despite the government not banning the Chinese group from supplying critical infrastructure.

    2020-08-03 09:00
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Nearly 200 students are attending the Portuguese summer course at the University of Macau, a “very good number” for a course that is taught for the first time online due to covid-19, the coordinator told Lusa.

    2020-07-31 09:45
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • TAP has said that the company intends to restore around 40 percent of its normal pre-pandemic operation, with 66 routes in August and 76 in September, representing a total of 700 flights per week.

    2020-07-31 09:30
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Miguel Stilwell goes for the electric company capital increase. The interim chairman of EDP’s Executive Board of Directors and CFO decided, right at the start of the subscription period, to exercise the rights he received for the shares held, thus investing almost 40 thousand euros in the operation being carried out by Electric. In addition to Stilwell, three other directors have already subscribed the new shares of the company.

    2020-07-31 09:15
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Nuno Artur Silva, Portugal’s secretary of state for cinema, audiovisual and media, told Lusa on Friday that it was “much more interesting” to have foreign TV operators committed to investing directly in Portuguese productions than to paying fees.

    2020-07-31 09:00
    Macau Business/AICEP
  • The mega-consortium foresees the installation of a 10MW electrolysis pilot project that could develop up to 1GW of capacity. ECO knows that the associated investment is around 1.5 billion.

    2020-07-29 09:15
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The Dutch company will be operating 70 flights a week to Porto and Lisbon starting next month.

    2020-07-29 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The Explorer is the official marketplace for green technology from Norway. It connects international needs with Norwegian solutions.

    2020-07-28 11:35
    The Explorer/AICEP
  • EDA launched its new ‘B2B Platform’, an online tool which aims to facilitate cross-border partnerships between European defence industry stakeholders by allowing them to quickly and easily search for potential partners for defence-related projects and programmes. The platform responds to a demand by industry for improved networking possibilities as a result of the new EU defence initiatives which also impact and benefit the wider European defence-related industry.

    2020-07-28 10:00
  • The Government reveals today the projects selected for the National Strategy for Hydrogen. Together, H2Sines, from EDP and Galp, and H2Enable from Bondalti Chemicals sum up to a 4 billion investment.

    2020-07-28 09:45
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The 25-MW WindFloat Atlantic floating wind park located off the coast of Portugal has achieved full operation after the last of three platforms was connected to the grid.

    2020-07-28 09:30
    Renewables Now/AICEP
  • The European Investment Bank (EIB) Group and Banco Santander Consumer Portugal (BSCP) are joining forces to support Portuguese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-caps affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The EU bank and BSCP have signed two agreements to provide €587 million to inject liquidity and finance investments at a critical time.

    2020-07-28 09:15
    European Comission/AICEP
  • Promising a ‘Clean&Safe’ environment for passengers, Portuguese airline TAP has announced that it is slowly returning to schedules with 500 flights due per week in August, connecting to destinations in Brazil, the United States, Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom.

    2020-07-28 09:00
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • The Piaget Institute and Huawei have formalised a protocol for the training of students in technological areas, aiming at the development of talents, as well as bringing academic reality closer to the business world.

    2020-07-27 09:45
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • The association of producers of Douro and port wines says a Sino-European Union (EU) agreement on the protected designation of origin of 100 sorts of European food and drink will ensure that only the products they make can be sold as Douro wine and port in the Chinese market, Lusa reports.

    2020-07-27 09:30
  • Portugal’s government has launched a plan aimed at boosting its export sector to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, with a goal of increasing exports to 53 percent of gross domestic product by 2030 from 44 percent last year.

    2020-07-27 09:15
  • For just €10 Portugal is plugging its ‘reusable MOxAD-Tech mask’ now proven capable of inactivating the new coronavirus for up to 50 washes.

    2020-07-27 09:00
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • Portugal and the United States of America (USA) want to intensify bilateral collaborations in matters of trade, public health, defence and maritime security “in the post-covid world”.

    2020-07-24 09:30
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Web Summit will host up to 100,000 founders, partners and speakers on its proprietary online conference platform. This will be Web Summit’s second online conference hosted on its own platform following the 30,000+ attendee Collision from Home event (June 23-25), which is bringing people from more than 140 countries around the world together.

    2020-07-24 09:15
  • São Tome airline, STP Airways, on 21 July announced the reopening of the store in Lisbon and started, on 3 July, two weekly code-share flights with the Portuguese euroAtlantic, its shareholder, to and from Portugal.

    2020-07-24 09:00
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • A digital guide that aims to provide foreign investors will all the information they need (in English) to invest in Portugal’s property sector has been launched for the second year straight. Entitled ‘Real Estate Investors Roadmap’, the document was created by AICEP and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the help of the Portuguese Association of Real Estate Developers and Investors, the JLL consulting company and the Morais Leitão law firm.

    2020-07-17 11:00
    Portugal Resident/AICEP

    The Virtual SIE 2020 will be dedicated to the F&B sector and will have the look and feel of a physical expo where Trade Visitor/Exhibitor enter the exhibition hall through the convention centre’s arrival hall. In the exhibition hall, Trade Visitor/Exhibitor will see exhibition booths (as seen in the Exhibition Hall.jpeg attached).

    2020-07-20 11:20

    In 2021 a  total of 7 synergistic exhibitions will be held at the same time at the same venue under the umbrella event, ABS 2021-Architecture & Building Services 2021 (6 exhibitions) and Design Asia 2021.

    2020-07-20 11:20
  • The Portuguese Space Agency is carrying out a technical consultation to assist the Government in regulating the civil liability of space operators.

    2020-07-23 09:15
    Portugal Space/AICEP
  • The Macau Government announced that it has finished discussing the regulations for the automatic recognition of Portuguese academic degrees and diplomas.

    2020-07-23 09:00
    Macau Business/AICEP
  • Over 100 teachers of Portuguese as a foreign language in the Asia-Pacific region enrolled for a free course of instruction taught online by the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) between June 30 and July 15, the institute says.

    2020-07-22 09:30
  • Footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo looks likely to triumph yet again as the crowd-pleasing Pestana CR7 Hotel Marrakech prepares to open its doors in 2021.

    2020-07-22 09:15
    Top Hotel News/AICEP
  • While most airlines around the world are reducing their flight schedules, TAP Air Portugal just added a new route from Boston to Ponta Delgada, the airline’s only nonstop to the Azores from the USA.

    2020-07-22 09:00
  • The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, on Tuesday welcomed the “historic result” of the European Council meeting, considering that it is excellent for Portugal and that the EU has given “proof of its strength”.

    2020-07-21 09:30
    Macau Business/AICEP
  • Chinese translation of a book on modern music in the classical style composed by Portuguese has been published in Macao, the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau says.

    2020-07-21 09:15
  • The CCILR - Luso-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and one of the members the RFF Law Firm are hosting a webinar on the topic "Portugal: A Platform for Investments". The event will take place online on Thursday, July 23th at 12:00 pm (West) / 14:00 pm (GMT +3) with a duration of 60 minutes.

    2020-07-21 09:00
  • Beck Automation is a global company who are specialised in “In Mould Labelling”, Hi-speed take-out robots and automation solutions for injection moulding.

    2020-07-20 09:30
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Partners Group has agreed to buy Rovensa, a provider of crop nutrition, protection and biocontrol products, from Bridgepoint. The deal values the Portuguese business at around €1 billion. Under Partners' ownership, the company will focus on acquisitions and international expansion.

    2020-07-20 09:15
    Pitch Book/AICEP
  • The Portuguese Ministry of Environment and Climate Action announced on Sunday that it had received investment proposals for industrial production of hydrogen-based energy totaling 16 billion euros (18.3 billion U.S. dollars).

    2020-07-20 09:00
    News Ghana/AICEP
  • As part of its National Hydrogen Strategy and with the goal of fostering the creation of a global hydrogen market and becoming an exporter country, Portugal will further develop and promote its Sines green hydrogen project.

    2020-07-14 10:30
  • EDP confirms the acquisition in Spain. The purchase of Viesgo, formerly EON Spain, is valued at 2.7 billion euros.

    2020-07-16 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The Explorer is the official marketplace for green technology from Norway. It connects international needs with Norwegian solutions.

    2020-07-15 09:45
    The Explorer/AICEP
  • Value-based bidding, favorable site conditions and Spanish engineering has carved a fresh opening for Concentrated Solar Power build, market experts told Reuters Events.

    2020-07-15 09:15
  • In a bid to kickstart the recovery of Portugal’s economy, the Portuguese and Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCISSP) will host its first property, investment tourism fair in Geneva on September 18 and 19.

    2020-07-15 09:00
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • Trade between Lisbon and Beijing increased by 10.6 percent in May, compared to the previous month, with Portugal registering growth in imports and a decrease in exports to China, as disclosed on Tuesday.

    2020-07-14 09:15
    Macau Business/AICEP
  • The 2020 Portugal Masters, originally scheduled for October, will now take place from 10 to 13 September, at the Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course in Vilamoura.

    2020-07-14 09:00
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Portugal has been ranked as the fourth greenest country in the EU across six categories (waste, energy, greenhouse gases, air quality, freshwater and natural land), outranked only by Sweden (first), Norway (second) and Iceland (third).

    2020-07-13 09:15
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • The revised 2020 European Tour schedule continues to take shape with the announcement of two more events back on the schedule.

    2020-07-13 09:00
    The Golf News/AICEP
  • Anticipating the durability of issues related to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the emergence of a possible second wave, MTEX NS has just launched the PURE, an air sterilization system, on the market. Through the combination of different types of filters, with ultraviolet light C, this solution guarantees safety in closed spaces, such as restaurants, offices, spas, gyms, health clinics, hospitals, private homes, among others.

    2020-07-10 09:45
  • The Minister of Economy has announced the opening, “on the week of the 20th”, of a new line of credit of €1 billion aimed at micro and small companies.

    2020-07-10 09:30
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Portuguese organic supermarket chain Go Natural is planning to expand its retail presence as well as introduce a wider range of products.

    2020-07-10 09:15
  • The Portuguese papermaker won a dispute with the US paper sales tax. A drop from 37.34 percent to 1.63 percent gives the right to return the difference.

    2020-07-10 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The first SENET Research and Innovation Expert Meeting took place on June 23rd, in online format. The objective of the meeting was to assess the main health priorities and challenges from both EU and China perspective and how both sides could cooperate with each other from different levels.

    2020-07-08 09:30
  • With a 16 MEUR investment plan, CorPower is establishing a R&D, Manufacturing & Service Centre for Wave Energy Converters in Viana do Castelo, northern Portugal.

    2020-07-08 09:00
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Among Portugal’s top attractions, two stand out: growing tech industry and the Golden Visa program. After the global crisis of 2008, Portugal suffered from high unemployment rates. During this period, qualified and unemployed Portuguese citizens leaned towards entrepreneurship. Thanks to government support in recent years, Portugal gave birth to many successful start-ups. The capital Lisbon also secured a 10-year deal with the Web Summit.  It is an annual technology conference, considered the largest tech event globally.

    2020-07-08 09:15
  • Two institutions of the Portuguese community in Argentina offered their facilities to become field hospitals.

    2020-07-07 09:15
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Greenapple designs and produces luxury furniture and bespoke projects for exclusive customers in Europe, Asia and North-America.

    2020-07-07 09:00
  • In what is great news for the Algarve, the 2020 Portugal Masters, originally scheduled for October, will now take place from September 10-13 at the Algarve’s Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course, Vilamoura.

    2020-07-06 09:15
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • Although he acknowledges that the Portuguese capital has benefited from the arrival of thousands of tourists in recent years, Medina points out that a "social price" has also been paid.

    2020-07-06 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • In 2015 Arfai started investing in a more environmentally friendly company. These investments included the installation of a Self-Consumption Production Unit using Photovoltaic Solar Technology and the continuous use of our own WWTP to recycle all used water. These efforts reduced to half the required annual energy consumption and Arfai can reuse 60 percent of the water used in production.

    2020-07-03 09:15
  • The Minister of Infrastructure has said that TAP is “too important” for the country to let it “collapse”, after being questioned about a possible lack of agreement between shareholders and the option for nationalisation of the company.

    2020-07-03 09:00
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • AICEP, the Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency, selected the ten companies that will have tailor-made mentorship in order to expand their business opportunities in California, under the Portugal to Take Off program, launched last May.

    2020-06-26 11:25
  • The international research publisher Springer Nature welcomes its first employees in Lisbon where it will create more than 30 new jobs this year. This will be the first stage in a longer-term development of a larger office with a clear emphasis on IT and digital specialist roles such as software developers, business analysts, data scientists and IT project managers.

    2020-07-02 09:00
    Springer Nature Group/AICEP
  • Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd of China has started in Portugal an international drive to set up information and communications technology academies, the Dinheiro Vivo website reports.

    2020-07-01 09:00
  • Portugal’s tourism authority has launched a new website that allows customers to review a business based on its Clean&Safe status – in other words, the aim is to establish whether businesses are following the latest Covid-19 health and safety recommendations.

    2020-06-30 09:30
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • ENRICH in China currently has an ongoing Recruitment Call for External Service Providers (ESP), Soft Landing Zones (SLZ) and Members, open until July 31st 2020.

    2020-06-30 09:15
  • Biedronka gained market share and increased sales during the pandemic. The resilience of the supermarket chain should compensate for part of the shortfall in the revenues of the Portuguese Pingo Doce.

    2020-06-30 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • After 20 years guiding and running “Gone Fishing” a successful fishing charter business on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, it was time for a new adventure for Mark, Ali and their two teenagers.

    2020-06-29 09:45
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • Portugal has improved the goal of eradicating poverty, which in 2018 was 21.6 percent, according to data on Sustainable Development Goals of the European Union (EU).

    2020-06-29 09:30
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) announced that it will provide support for British citizens and their families in their applications for residence in Portugal.

    2020-06-29 09:15
    ECO News/AICEP
  • EIT InnoEnergy will invest 12 million euros in energy innovation projects during the second half of the year, in Portugal and Spain.

    2020-06-29 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Artificial Intelligence will be a game changer for Portugal’s hotel industry, according to a study by consultancy agency Mazars.

    2020-06-26 09:30
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • Lagos’ Swedish community has raised around €25,000 for the local council and the Santa Casa da Misericórdia charity in a bid to help purchase protective equipment and masks for people in need, as well as hospital staff, police and firemen.

    2020-06-26 09:15
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • Web Summit will take place, all over the country, on "stages" that will work simultaneously. The objective is to make the country better known, explains the event's CEO.

    2020-06-26 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Portugal, Germany and Slovenia are to successively hold the presidency of the European Council from July 1, 2020, through to December 31, 2021 and have a joint programme.

    2020-06-25 09:15
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Web Summit postpones edition to early December. The organization prepares an online and offline conference, broadcasted from the Altice Arena and other places in the country.

    2020-06-25 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Post-Covid-19, there has never been a more critical and urgent time for the world to come together in the face of a health and economic crisis. Yet, despite the global uncertainty, the special relationship between Portugal and the United Kingdom looks set to endure, says UK Ambassador to Portugal, Chris Sainty, addressing members of the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, organisers of webinar ‘Our Old Alliance and the Future Ahead’.

    2020-06-24 09:30
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • The report on Portugal Pulses/ Legumes is a comprehensive collection of all the market related information required for analyzing and understanding the Portugal Pulses/ Legumes market.

    2020-06-24 09:15
    Cole Reports/AICEP
  • This is the first real estate investment and management company to be listed on the Portuguese stock exchange.

    2020-06-24 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Turismo de Portugal has recently opened an office in India with two major objectives.

    2020-06-23 09:30
  • Portugal’s National Statistics Institute said that the country’s economy had a “partial recovery in May compared to the previous month” as a result of deconfinement measures.

    2020-06-23 09:15
    The Portugal News/AICEP
  • A new Aldi supermarket has opened in Altura, Castro Marim on the EN125 national road near ‘O Infante’ restaurant.

    2020-06-23 09:00
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • The prime minister has spoken out again to defend that Portugal is a safe destination for tourists, claiming that it is one of the European countries that has carried out the most tests and has the best indicators in controlling Covid -19.

    2020-06-22 10:15
    The Portugal News/AICEP

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