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NewsRoom (by AICEP)

  • The bank explains that the new growth forecast of 2% is due to the revision of data for 2017 and 2018 by INE.

    2019-10-14 09:15
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Viana do Castelo and Guarda city councils are both vying for European candidacies to help to raise the profiles of their cities.

    2019-10-14 09:00
  • Novares has inaugurated the new factory extension at its Arouca manufacturing facility in Portugal in a ceremony attended by the French Ambassador.

    2019-10-11 10:50
  • Competition to build retail mindshare and customer loyalty has never been more fierce. Brands must continually evolve their products and deliver a personalized approach to win the hearts and minds of customers. Delivering the technology that helps them do exactly that, Portugal Country Leader Bruno Morais, and Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager Oracle Retail, today unveiled a new Innovation and Technology Center in Porto.

    2019-10-11 10:40
    Mirage News/AICEP
  • Portuguese construction group Mota-Engil has strengthened its African portfolio by 250 million euros with the construction of a dam in Angola, a project awarded for 160 million euros and works at a mine in Moatize, Tete province, Mozambique, for 90 million euros, the group said in a market statement.

    2019-10-11 10:30
  • Portuguese food and beverage company Sumol+Compal has introduced new packaging for its premium juices under the brand Compal.

    2019-10-11 10:15
  • Mozambique’s flagship air carrier Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique (LAM) is negotiating with TAP – Air Portugal for a partnership that initially allows for daily flights between the two countries, said the director-general of the Mozambican airline in Lisbon.

    2019-10-11 10:00
  • U.S. vacationers are arriving in Portugal in record numbers in 2019, for the third year in a row, says Luis Araujo, president of the Portuguese National Tourism Authority.

    2019-10-11 09:45
    Travel Market Report/AICEP

    TheNextWomen Female Founders Force Program, a program that supports female entrepreneurship, is open until October 15 and will hold a semi-final in Lisbon on November 6 at the Dutch Embassy in Portugal, with support from AICEP.

    2019-10-08 11:25

    On October 2nd, five Danish and Swedish companies integrating “Business & Science Mission of Danish and Swedish Health Sector to Portugal” visited iBET facilities to learn more about iBET and GenIbet.

    2019-10-04 11:26
  • aicep Global Parques

    The good momentum of the Portuguese real estate market continues to attract more and more investors, mainly Chinese. Now, with a few major infrastructure projects set to be launched in the country, including Port of Sines’ new terminal valued at US$640 million,

    2019-10-04 11:25
  • As a parallel event of WebSummit 2019, IAPMEI – The Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, Coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network in Portugal will organize the 3rd edition of the brokerage event “Lisbon Beyond Summit”, at 6th November 2019, in Lisbon.

    2019-10-09 11:15
  • 7 & 8 November 2019 - Orient Museum, Lisbon

    Taking place during the Web Summit week, the Lisbon Investor Conference will bring together during two days, investment leaders and entrepreneurs, looking for new opportunities to spark new businesses and grow existing ones.

    2019-10-10 10:15
    Lisbon Investor Conference/AICEP
  • European cannabis has become a “prime investment target for excess cash” for North American firms emboldened by high valuations in USA, a sector expert says.

    2019-10-10 09:00
    Proactive Investors/AICEP
  • Keeping with its international focus and dynamic, WeTek was once again in Miami, this time for the Sportv Series conference, that took place on the 2nd of October. This event was put together by Dataxis and took place at the Biltmore Hotel, gathering some of the most influential minds in media with a spread over Latin America.

    2019-10-09 10:55
  • Monção winery has expressed "excellent expectations" about the 2019 harvest, considering that it may be the "harvest of the decade".

    2019-10-08 10:40
  • Portugal continues in the opposite direction of the United States and the Eurozone, in particular Germany, that show signs of slowdown.

    2019-10-09 10:30
    ECO News/AICEP
  • A paradise for European retirees that has opened its arms to Chinese foreign investment. Here are five things to know about the country.

    2019-10-08 10:30
    Macau Business/AICEP
  • Portuguese Minister reacted to DBRS upgrade, saying that Portugal’s economic recovery and financial stabilisation will continue.

    2019-10-08 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • António Rios de Amorim reveals that exports in 2018 reached a record level. This year, the company is anticipating a value of 800 million euros in revenues.

    2019-10-07 09:30
    ECO News/AICEP
  • In IMD's ranking of smart cities, the Portuguese capital ranks 76th out of 102 countries.

    2019-10-07 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • CESL Asia – Investimentos e Serviços, Limited, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Focus Platform and Focus Agriculture, in Lisbon formalised the acquisition of the Monte do Pasto Group, located in the municipalities of Cuba and Alvito, in the Alentejo region of Portugal, the group said in a statement.

    2019-10-07 10:00
  • As a parallel event of WebSummit 2019, IAPMEI – The Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, Coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network in Portugal will organize the 3rd edition of the brokerage event “Lisbon Beyond Summit”, at 6th November 2019, in Lisbon.

    2019-10-02 11:15
  • ebankIT wins two Finovate Awards in New York, at one of the most important Fintech events in North America.

    2019-10-02 09:30
  • Portugal’s tourism may not be growing as strongly as it once was, but it continues to grow nonetheless. In fact, one of the country’s main tourism organisations predicts that 2019 will be another “record year” for the tourism sector.

    2019-10-02 10:45
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) reported that by mid-September almost 83,000 new residence permits had been issued.

    2019-10-02 10:30
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Two months after acquiring Remax France, Remax Portugal bought the German subsidiary and it will invest four million euros in the next three years.

    2019-10-02 10:15
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The Portuguese Hotel and Catering Association AHRESP has called for a plan to be drawn up to attract forieng labour to Portugal’s tourism sector.

    2019-10-01 09:15
  • Trade Club Alliance is the new Digital plataform and has a "database of 600,000 companies and more than 25,000 market studies".

    2019-10-02 10:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The multimillionaire will enter the Portuguese real estate market through the subsidiary Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

    2019-10-01 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • According to Portuguese Ambassador Francisco Ribeiro Telles, executive secretary of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), the U.S. State Department has formalized a request by the United States to joining the Lusophone group as an associate member.

    2019-09-30 10:15
    Portuguese American Journal
  • A Norwegian and Canadian joint venture will see the development of new cannabis cultivation facilities in Portugal.

    2019-09-30 10:00
  • Macau companies in Portugal: CESL Asia, Kevin Ho, Stanley Ho/STDM, Tin Min Jade and ICBC.

    2019-09-30 09:45
    Macau Business/AICEP
  • Last week, BBVA held the first Open Talks event in Portugal. Experts from Portugal’s innovation and fintech ecosystem gathered at the Tivoli BBVA Theater to share their insights and discuss the transformation challenges facing the country’s financial system.

    2019-09-30 09:30
  • Non-resident citizens have again increased the purchase of homes in Portugal in 2018, with French and British on the front line. Chinese almost six times the value of the market as a whole.

    2019-09-30 09:15
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Tourism revenue should rise 6% by December to 17 billion euros and the number of guests could reach 27 million.

    2019-09-30 09:00
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Healthy markets, strong economic growth and tax benefits make Portugal the hot tip for residential investment in 2019.

    2019-09-27 09:56
    South China Morning Post/AICEP
  • A photography and video art work exhibition was inaugurated Thursday in China's Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) to facilitate cultural exchanges and dialogues between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

    2019-09-27 09:50
    Xinhua Net/AICEP

    With its stunning beaches, historic charms and picturesque towns, this untouched coastline is the ideal escape. Christian Louboutin thinks so too.

    2019-09-20 11:25
    Australian Financial Review/AICEP
  • As a parallel event of WebSummit 2019, IAPMEI – The Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, Coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network in Portugal will organize the 3rd edition of the brokerage event “Lisbon Beyond Summit”, at 6th November 2019, in Lisbon.

    2019-09-24 11:15
  • The Macau Economic Bureau (DSE) informed MNA that 40 of the 57 entrepreneurs who took part in its Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Programme of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries still have a company operating.

    2019-09-25 09:45
    Macau Business/AICEP
  • The Amorim Group bought a stake in the Spanish group Ahorro Corporación.

    2019-09-25 09:30
    ECO News/AICEP
  • Leading Portuguese producer Herdade do Esporão is adding Vinho Verde to its growing portfolio of regions with the purchase of historic winery Quinta do Ameal.

    2019-09-25 09:15
  • Portuguese bottle maker BA Glass plans to invest in the expansion of its  Bulgarian capacity. BA Glass intends to build two new furnaces to double the production capacity of its facilities in Bulgaria.

    2019-09-25 09:00
    Glass International/AICEP
  • The National Institute of Statistics (INE) revised the way the GDP was calculated and added new information, which led to an upward revision of economic growth in 2018 to 2.4%, and to 3.5% in 2017.

    2019-09-24 10:55
    ECO News/AICEP
  • The tourist board for Porto and the North of Portugal has welcomed July’s total of 1.1 million overnight stays, up by almost 12% from the same month last year.

    2019-09-24 10:45
  • China has cleared a path for Portuguese table grapes to begin entering the country, with the publication of export protocols.

    2019-09-24 10:00
    Fresh Fruit
  • It was a busy week for WeTek, as the portuguese company was spread across two events simultaneously showcasing their video distribution solutions - IBC in Holland and CCSA Connect in Canada.

    2019-09-23 10:52
  • A trip to Ferragudo is a perfect introduction to some of the very best elements of life in the Algarve.

    2019-09-23 10:40
  • The European Investment Bank (EIB) has lent €150 million to Portuguese renewable energy company, EDP Renováveis, to support the development of solar and wind power plants in Brazil, which will help create 1,900 jobs.

    2019-09-23 10:38
  • The Government has agreed to co-finance, through the Environmental Fund, the installation costs of a submarine cable connecting to the Windfloat project offshore Viana do Castelo.

    2019-09-23 10:35
  • The possibility of a 0 per cent budget deficit in Portugal shines so “bright” that it looks like “hope” for Europe, such is the FT’s judgment on the “sound policies” of the present government in Lisbon (FT View, August 26). You should not be fooled twice.

    2019-09-23 10:30
    Financial Times/AICEP
  • The portuguese brand nae has shoes eco-friendly and vegan

    How our everyday actions affect planet Earth has never been a hotter topic. Just like eating vegan is vital, wearing vegan is a must. And finding cute, comfy vegan shoes has never been easier—so there’s no excuse to continue wearing shoes made of skin torn from smart, social, sensitive animals such as cows. But why not take things to the next level? Up your vegan footwear game with recycled water bottles, soles made from corn, and even plant-based materials.

    2019-09-20 12:00
  • The European Investment Bank and COTEC, the Portuguese association for business innovation, presented on 19 September a report on “The Digitalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Portugal: models for financing digital projects“.

    2019-09-20 10:45
    New Europe/AICEP
  • Two hotels, one golf course and one successful businessman from the Algarve have brought home awards from the 2019 Publituris Portugal Travel Awards held on Tuesday (September 17) in Cascais.

    2019-09-20 09:45
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • “For the first time ever”, the Algarve reached the record figure of three million overnight stays in July. The data was released this week by the National Statistics Institute (INE), which revealed that the number of overnights stays in the region increased by 0.7% compared to last June.

    2019-09-20 09:30
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • The Portuguese Embassy in Turkey, with the support of Camões IP and in association with Perve Galeria, brings the “Connecting to Portugal and the Portuguese Speaking World - the Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition” to Turkey.

    2019-09-20 09:15
    Hurriyet Daily News/AICEP
  • The director of the Portuguese Institute of the Orient (IPOR) told Lusa that the number of Portuguese tutorials provided by the institution has almost doubled this year, largely due to ‘gold visas’ and Chinese investment in Lusophone countries.

    2019-09-20 09:00
    Macau Business/AICEP

    Rhodium Group, an independent market research platform, published a study for the European Commission about China Observatory project.

    2019-09-13 11:25
  • Banco de Portugal publishes statistics of the Statistical Bulletin and in BPstat, on balance of payments for July 2019.

    2019-09-19 10:30
    Banco de Portugal/AICEP
  • “Clothing & Footwear Retailing in Portugal, Market Shares, Summary and Forecasts to 2022”, provides data for historic and forecast retail sales, and also includes information on the business environment and country risk related to Portugal retail environment. In addition, it analyzes the key consumer trends influencing Portugal clothing and footwear industry.

    2019-09-18 10:55
    Market Forecast/AICEP
  • A new milestone for Parfois. The Portuguese fashion accessories chain, that celebrates this year its 25th anniversary, opened its 1,000th store in Paris. The flagship store is located in Rue du Rivoli 86 hand has 47 square meters.

    2019-09-18 10:30
  • Portuguese wine exports grew by 2.5% between January and July this year, and their average price rose by 5%, the Agriculture Ministry announced.

    2019-09-18 09:30
  • Spanish group Clece, which has two senior residences in Portugal, will invest more than €35 million in two other facilities over the next 20 years and aims to reach 10 units, the company announced.

    2019-09-18 09:00
  • US investment in Portugal has soared this year to 231 transactions — including mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, private equity and asset acquisitions — between January and August this year, a 6.45% increase on the same period last year.

    2019-09-16 14:45
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • Carsol Fruit is investing €54 million to set up an organic fruit farm in Alcácer do Sal in the district of Setúbal where it aims to produce around 9,000 tons of blueberries per year.

    2019-09-16 14:40
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • A 100% Portuguese perfume manufacturer in Braga is finding international success in its artisan scents.

    2019-09-16 14:35
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • Portugal has been ranked among the ‘world’s 30 most sustainable countries’. In a report compiled for the United Nations by 15 independent scientists’, the country has been placed in 26th position in a total of 162 countries – scoring 76.4 points out of potential maximum of 100.

    2019-09-16 14:30
    Portugal Resident/AICEP
  • Portugal is the first country to receive the “Accessible Tourism Destination” award from the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), which recognises the effort in promoting accessibility.

    2019-09-16 10:58
  • BinckBank, one of Europe’s largest banks for investors with 13 years experience in Spain & Portugal, is launching a new service aimed at English speaking expatriates in Spain & Portugal.

    2019-09-16 10:59
  • Católica University has been ranked as Portugal’s best university, pushing Porto University into second place.

    2019-09-16 14:00
  • Assembly of 33+ companies cluster to take part in New York Home Fashions Market

    It’s not news that Portuguese home textiles companies will be at New York Home Fashions Market next week with myriad new products for the U.S. consumer. But what is different for this season is their new show of force.

    2019-09-13 14:30
    Home Textiles Today/AICEP
  • Portugal was the first country in Atlantic Europe to sign a cooperation agreement with China under the Belt and Road initiative, the Chinese ambassador to Portugal wrote in a text published in the China Daily newspaper.

    2019-09-13 09:45
  • Portugal has come out on top as the best European country for expats thanks to the country providing a great quality of life and the ease of settling in.

    2019-09-16 10:55
  • Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa pledged on Wednesday to significantly increase the investment in science by 2030.

    2019-09-13 09:30
  • The Central Banks of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (BCPLP) are discussing issues related to human capital management on Wednesday in Angola's northern Malanje province, the organizers announced.

    2019-09-13 09:15
  • ebankIT will be at Finovate Fall in New York from September 23-25.

    2019-09-13 09:00

    A delegation from the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) has visited the port of Leixões at the invitation of AICEP Portugal Global.

    2019-09-11 09:30
  • VoiceInteraction will be showcasing at the IBC Show 2019 its acclaimed automatic closed captioning solution: Audimus.Media. It is producing automatic captions for daily live shows that reach more than 600 million viewers worldwide through over more than 300 TV stations.

    2019-09-10 15:15
  • Portugal has re-affirmed itself as the world’s leading tourist destination, according to the recent rankings from the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness 2019 Report.

    2019-09-10 12:30
    Travel Daily Media/AICEP
  • Portugal’s national airline TAP registered this year "the best August ever" in terms of passengers, exceeding 1.7 million customers and 11.3% more compared to the same month in 2018, the airline said.

    2019-09-10 12:00
  • The country has also for the first time achieved world leadership in the quality of tourism infrastructure according to the World Economic Forum’s 2019 report.

    2019-09-09 15:15
  • Port put Portugal on the drinks map in the UK but the country's wines are on the up.

    2019-09-09 14:50
  • Swedish furniture company IKEA has announced that the company will be investing more than €6 million in lowering prices and making services more convenient in Portugal in 2020.

    2019-09-09 15:00
  • One more influential organization has joined the CCILR Chamber of Commerce and Industry Luso-Russian: The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) is now an official member of CCILR.

    2019-09-09 10:50
  • Quinta Monteiro de Matos received a Grand Gold Medal in the Germany competition Mundus Vini. In a competition with thousands of wines from all over the world, only 14 wines won Grand Gold Medal, and one them was Grande Reserva.

    2019-09-09 10:40
    Quinta Monteiro de Matos/AICEP
  • MB September 2019 Special report | 40 Years, 40 Companies.

    2019-09-09 10:00
    Macau Business
  • Nearly two dozen Portuguese and Brazilian startups are taking part this week in an international event in Macau to capture investors and partners in the Chinese market, officials told Lusa.

    2019-09-05 15:17
    Macau Business/AICEP
  • Expat Insider 2019 Survey Reveals

    Portugal is the best European country for expats thanks to a great quality of life and the ease of settling in.

    2019-09-06 10:15
  • Unreal Fields is a Portuguese-based footwear brand founded in Lisbon, focusing on creativity and unique, innovative designs. Entirely women-owned, lead, and run, the company stands to support the local market through partnerships with local designers and manufacturers. Unreal Fields is proud to represent inclusivity, interaction, and timelessly eccentric footwear.

    2019-09-06 10:00
  • Intermarché is planning an extension in the Portuguese market and is aiming to increase its market share (currently set at 9.2 percent) through new store openings and a price reduction strategy.

    2019-09-06 09:45
  • Portuguese coachbuilder CaetanoBus has closed a deal with Abellio, which runs buses in London, for the sale of 34 electric vehicles for €15 million.

    2019-09-06 09:30
  • The Portuguese company Unbabel is to open a laboratory in September for artificial intelligence in Pittsburgh, the United States, which will be led by the US researcher Alon Lavie.

    2019-09-06 09:15

    The Greek government is developing a 10-year strategic plan for the country’s linchpin tourism sector to boost its long-term prospects and improve infrastructure, competitiveness and sustainability.

    2019-08-30 11:28
  • Elastron was once again present at the Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles - Autumn Edition 2019, which took place from August 28 to 31. Elastron was one of the leading figures of this event, which demonstrates the growing importance of the Elastron brand in the global market.

    2019-09-04 08:45
  • Optimistic, member of CCILR, signed an intermediation agreement with Sinara, a Russian group that operates in the railway sector. The purpose is to enter the Portuguese-speaking markets, with a special focus on Brazil and Angola.

    2019-09-04 08:15
  • Global growth is set to ease this year, due largely to weaker momentum in developed economies and China. However, tight labor markets and more accommodative monetary policy should provide some support. A further escalation of trade tensions, particularly between the U.S. and China, is the key downside risk.

    2019-09-03 13:00
    Focus Economics/AICEP
  • Consumer sentiment declined from 37.8 in July to 37.1 in August. The print represented the lowest reading since April 2014 and was below the 37.5 expected by market analysts. The consumer confidence index measures consumers’ expectations for the next six months on a scale of 0–100; a figure of 100 indicates that all respondents see their living standards improving.

    2019-09-03 12:45
    Focus Economics/AICEP
  • The National Institute of Statistics (Istat)’s composite business confidence indicator (Clima di Fiducia delle Imprese Italiane, IESE)—which covers the manufacturing, construction, market services and retail sectors—fell to 98.9 points in August from July’s 101.2 points, which had marked the best result in nine months.

    2019-09-03 12:30
    Focus Economics/AICEP
  • Consumer confidence was unchanged in September, as the GfK Consumer Climate index remained stable at 9.7 points. September’s result suggests that even with sentiment hovering at an over two-year low and following six consecutive months of deterioration, consumer confidence remains healthy.

    2019-09-03 12:15
    Focus Economics/AICEP

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