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The 10th edition of the Amorgos Tourism Film Festival took place from 31 October to 5 November, in Amorgos, Greece. Portugal was the country with most winners, six in total.

Portugal was the country with most winners, six in total, followed by France, Spain and Greece with four, two for Austria and Germany and with one winner: Azerbaijan, Croatia, India, Italy, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, UAE and United States.


The 10th Amorgos Tourism Film Festival received more than 140 registrations from 30 countries, fact that reflects the Festival’s competitive and international character. From 31st October to 05th November, 75 guests from 17 nationalities had the chance to discover the beauty of the landscapes, the flavors of the rich gastronomy and the kindness and hospitality of the people of the island of Amorgos.