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Keeping with its international focus and dynamic, WeTek was once again in Miami, this time for the Sportv Series conference, that took place on the 2nd of October. This event was put together by Dataxis and took place at the Biltmore Hotel, gathering some of the most influential minds in media with a spread over Latin America.

Andres Nieto Serpa, Marco A. G. and Francisca Mora joined Hugo Condesa, WeTek’s CEO, for the insightful discussion on the “New Advertising Strategies and Platforms for Sports”, a discussion panel where the company was featured. This discussion led to some interesting considerations on the future of sports content media and opened up those in attendance to the challenges and solutions in the industry.


This idea exchange that took place in Miami consolidated the notion that sports media is changing and the industry should take notice. WeTek has always been on the forefront of that change, offering the tools needed to shift at any time as seamlessly as possible.


One of the tools already available is WeCast, an online video platform that assures content gets distributed anywhere in the world, on any device and with various monetization options. Safe from piracy, and incredibly easy to implement.