Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


BGI is at the moment preparing a detailed report on Portuguese Scale-Ups with the support of the EIT Digital. It will be scanning hundreds of candidates, the report depicts in detail the 25 most promising Portuguese startups with less than 5 years.

The report also draws some insights on the opportunities and threats of the Portuguese ecosystem as well as provides recommendations, not only for startups, but also for national and European players on how to retain and maximize talent.


The digital version of the "Portuguese Scale Up Report" was launched on the 1st of June 2017. An innovative aspect of this process is that BGI and EIT Digital validated the results of the report throughout all the Entrepreneurial and Innovation community, who was invited to provide feedback. An online, dynamic version of the report has been updated on a daily basis. Moreover, for those who want to have deeper insights, a fully comprehensive version is downloadable in pdf form.


BGI and EIT Digital presented the report on:

1st of June, 17:00, at Scale Up Porto Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week at Palácio da Bolsa. The highlights were presented followed by a scale-up founder’s panel, with B-Parts (Luís Vieira), Guest-U (Marcelino Moreno), Muzzley (Domingos Bruges), Unbabel (Edmund Ovington) and Xhockware (João Rodrigues). Alexis Poulin, the Communication Lead ARISE at EIT Digital, moderated the panel.


2nd of June, 11:00, at Business Storm, DNA Cascais, where BGI presented the Report, and, just like Business Storm goal, connected the best of today to scale up tomorrow.

3rd of June, 12:00, at TECNET Sanjotec - Centro Empresarial e Tecnológico S. João da Madeira. BGI concluded on the business model of tomorrow and how your start-up can take off.


7th June, 11:40 at LIS 2017, whose event BGI was an official partner. With us, we we had EIT Digital, Thomas Kösters (International Outreach) and Francisco Ibañez Diez (Spain Country Head). Together we had a booth and presented the Report similar to Scale Up Porto event format. On the Education Stage, Richard Kivel (Investor and Entrepreneur) from BGI's MIT network, moderated a panel with scale-up founders from Aptoide (Daniel Kis), Guest-U (Euclides Major), Muzzley (Domingos Bruges) and Xhockware (João Claro).