Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Products like oranges, cheeses, pork and seafood will be taxed at 25% when exported to the United States.

There are almost a hundred categories of products that the Portuguese export to the United States, and which will be subject to an additional tax imposed by the Trump Administration. As of Friday, products such as oranges, cheeses, pork and derivatives will be taxed at an additional 25% when they enter US territory.


The sanctioning measure against the European Union (EU) was approved by the World Trade Organization after it was concluded that illegal aid had been granted to the manufacturer Airbus. The products affected also include seafood imported from Portugal, such as clams, cockles and mussels.


However, there are still some national products that have escaped Donald Trump’s list, such as Portuguese tomatoes and olives. The same is true of olive oil, which is “safe” from this tax, while in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom it is affected, according to the list published by the U.S. government.


This new tax is expected to have a negative impact on exporting companies, and will also end up being reflected in the economy. The measure comes into effect this Friday and if the EU keeps its promise, it will retaliate.


Most of the sanctions will apply to imports from France, Germany, Spain and the UK, “the four countries behind the illegal subsidies” granted to Airbus, but Portugal is also included. Check out the list of Portuguese products affected by the new season.