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Zurich Capital Funds holdings  Inc. acquired 60 percent of shares of Multimarmore, high grade marble quarry in the market over 46 years.

On Monday, March 16, Zurich Capital Funds Holding Inc company, represented by Managing Directors of Zurich Capital Funds Holdings Inc , Fahed Al Merhebi and Anna Guerreiro, acquires 60% percent shares of Multimarmore.

Zurich Capital Funds Holdings Inc shall Restructure the investment and Raise Funds of 30 Million Euros over the next 12 months into Multimarmore, Lda., to increase its production between 12,000 to 14,000 metric tons per year.


Multimaremore, Lda., is a high grade marble quarry based in the region of Bencatel, Portugal.


Multimarmore, Lda has been in operation for more than 46 years. The investment creates 13-16 new positions in the Bencatel Region of Portugal.