Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Portugal has become a strong location for FDI projects and the EY Attractiveness Survey Europe Report published in May gives more evidence on the Country’s potential to attract global companies. Portugal added up 158 new projects in 2019, only 18 projects away from the top 10 countries in Europe. Comparing to the previous year, this figure grew by 114 percent, the highest growth rate in the continent and in clear contrast with half of the top 10’s downward trend.

This remarkable performance follows the Country’s efforts on prominent service sectors, which have also been less impacted by Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the new FDI projects announced in 2019 refer to shared service centres, software development offices and R&D facilities. Data of EY’s survey indicates that, due to the economic impact of the pandemic, 65 percent of new FDI projects in Europe will likely be maintained, while for Portugal this realization rate might be up to 80 percent. 


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