Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The country expects to launch its first commercial 5G services by the end of the year.

Portugal’s telecoms regulator, ANACOM, has announced that it will launch its 5G spectrum auction in June 2020 and expects operators to begin their commercial launches by the end of the year.


The auction will see spectrum in the 700MHz and 3.6GHz bands put up for auction.


“The range of frequencies offered is currently an essential range used globally in 5G network launches. Sub-1GHz frequencies such as the 700MHz band are useful for achieving widespread coverage. The 1-6GHz bands provide balanced benefits for coverage and bandwidth, as the latter grows with higher frequencies,” said Tomasz Kulinski, senior technology analyst at GlobalData.


“The allocation of the 700MHz band requires a migration of digital terrestrial TV (DTT), which currently occupies these frequencies, to new frequency bands. In December 2019, ANACOM signed an agreement with the National Association of Councils (Associação Nacional de Freguesias - ANAFRE) to support local communities’ DTT migration to new band of frequencies, in order to release the 700MHz band for 5G services. The migration will be completed by 30 June 2020,” he added.


All three of Portugal’s mobile network operators, namely Altice Portugal, Vodafone Portugal and NOS, are expected to participate in the country’s 5G auction and to launch their initial 5G services by the end of 2020.


It is not yet clear whether the ongoing Covid19 pandemic will delay the date of the auction.