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Portugal's MCA takes part in 370-MWp solar project in Angola.

Portuguese multinational MCA Group announced it is leading a consortium involved with the development of a 370-MWp solar power project in Angola.


Through MCA Solar Angola, the company said it will take part in the construction of seven photovoltaic (PV) plants over the next two and a half years. The scheme requires an investment of EUR 523 million (USD 617.4m) and will see the installation of about one million solar panels.


According to MCA, the initiative represents the largest integrated, public, renewable energy intervention programme in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its partners come from various countries, such as Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States or South Korea.

MCA estimates the PV parks will be able to generate enough electricity to supply around 2.4 million people, providing electricity access to isolated sites in rural areas. When completed, the plants should avoid the emissions of 935,953 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.