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"Science can make a better world" is not just a slogan of Frimec (Jiangsu) Environmental Technology Co., but also a motivating cry, as the Portuguese firm has pitched in with China's epidemic battle.

Invested by Portugal's air conditioning giant Frimec International, the company located in the city of Zhenjiang, east China's Jiangsu Province, focuses on providing air conditioning solutions, including air cleaning equipment for hospital operating rooms.


"After the epidemic broke out, we received many urgent orders from the hospitals that were treating infected patients. We immediately set up a task force to meet their needs," said Sun Jian, general manager of the company that opened in 2019.


"Our company has been strictly following the rules that employees must first complete a two-week-long self-quarantine before getting back to work," Sun said.


To mitigate the risk that human contact may further spread the virus, Chinese authorities had extended the Spring Festival holidays. Work has begun to resume since Feb. 10.


The Portuguese company resumed operation Monday, together with a large number of enterprises across the country. "We have to work around the clock now to produce more machines for the hospitals, including Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital which served in the SARS fight 17 years ago," Sun said.


The company encourages its office staff to work from home as more employees working in the factory means a greater risk of infection.


"Some of our orders were postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, but we believe that the negativity is temporary," he said. "The Chinese market is huge."


The company is determined to stick to its investment plan of 300 million yuan (43 million U.S. dollars) this year because they believe when the epidemic dissipates, they will see a new round of strong demand.


It has also begun to seek new opportunities in building a data center and rolling out air cleaning products in China. "I believe we have many new opportunities in the Chinese market," Sun added.