Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The company’s President announced today the incentives that the Portuguese Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade (AICEP) has paid to companies and associations this year, which have totaled 140 million euros so far.

On average in 2019, AICEP broke the all-time record for incentive payments to companies and associations with 256 million euros.


This year, AICEP has exceeded its state of emergency target and has “reached 140 million euros in payments to companies so far,” said Luís Castro Henriques at the AICEP 2020 Exports & Investment online conference.


This is a “very relevant injection at a particularly difficult time for many,” said the president of the investment agency.

Regarding the investment projects launched this year, the President of AICEP stated that despite the pandemic, there were more than two dozen.


“This year we have already launched 23 investment projects representing nearly 2,000 jobs in diversified sectors,” including automotive, electronics and aerospace, packaging, footwear, competence centers (including software development) and shared service centers, he added.


“Of these 23, 21 are new customers and two are customers who are already here but who bring different activities to the country,” said Luís Castro Henriques.


“It’s good news, it shows that the country remains competitive,” he said, without increasing the total value of the investments raised.


The countries of origin of the investment are Europe, which includes Germany, France, Denmark and Switzerland as well as the USA and Brazil.