Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs will be co-organising EYEC10 – European Young Entrepreneur Conference.

This is the 10th biannual conference by YES for Europe – European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, which will be held in Portugal for the first time, with Porto playing host to the event. Part of ANJE Business Week, EYEC10 begins on 5 December at ANJE’s National Headquarters, continuing on the following two days, 6 and 7, at Alfândega do Porto. Tickets for the conference are available at


EYEC is a benchmark event in the European entrepreneurship ecosystem, having commenced its biannual calendar in 2014. It normally brings together a large number of entrepreneurs, managers, founders, researchers, mentors, investors and political and administrative figures, dealing with topics that are fundamental to entrepreneurship and innovation in the European Union.


“It is indeed very rewarding to be co-organising EYEC10”, said the President of ANJE, Adelino Costa Matos, pointing out that it is “a very prestigious conference where relevant players in the European ecosystem meet to discuss issues regarding the knowledge economy and industry 4.0 in the EU. For Porto and for the Portuguese ecosystem, playing host to EYEC10 is an excellent opportunity for discussing ideas, exchanging experiences, knowledge sharing and networking”, he concluded. Previous EYEC events were held in London, Rome, Athens, Budapest, Hamburg and Hanover, Madrid, Stockholm and other important cities.


Distinguished players from the entrepreneurial ecosystem will be discussing innovation, technology and growth, the main topics of EYEC10. Representatives from global reach companies, such as Microsoft (Pedro Duarte, Corporate Affairs Manager) will be taking part in the event, as well as major exporters, like Parfois (Sérgio Marques, Managing Partner), the Symington group (António Filipe, COO) and the Valerius group (Patrícia Ferreira, Quality Manager), and companies breaking into international markets, such as Sword Health (Virgílio Bento, CEO) and Lemon Jelly (José Pinto, CEO). The guest speakers include the Secretary of State for Internationalisation, Eurico Brilhante Dias, the President of YES for Europe, Mikel Beroiz Rosino, the Managing Director, Przemek Grzywa, and the President of ANJE, Adelino Costa Matos.


The Yes for Europe project came into being in 1988 as a response to the changes the Single European Act introduced in Europe. But, it was not until 1991 that the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs was established. Its members now include the main young entrepreneurship associations from 12 of the 28 EU member states (Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom), as well as countries like Albania and Turkey. Associations from Armenia and Georgia are affiliate members. In all, Yes for Europe represents over 50,000 young European entrepreneurs


Headquartered in Brussels, Yes for Europe is now the largest European confederation of young entrepreneurs. Its main goals are to spread the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe, to support entrepreneurial initiative among the European youth, to promote relations and partnerships between young European entrepreneurs, to cooperate with EU bodies to create a business-friendly environment in the EU and to encourage knowledge-sharing between members. This is all aimed at a more enterprising Europe, with more companies and more employment.


EYEC10 is one of the anchor events at the ANJE Business Week, a series of initiatives for adding value to business activities, supporting entrepreneurship and promoting internationalisation. ANJE Business Week runs from 5 to 7 December and its programme of events is divided between the Alfândega do Porto and the Association’s National Headquarters, also in Porto. In addition to EYEC10, the CPLP Meeting (a meeting devoted to business relations between Portuguese-speaking countries) and the 21st Entrepreneurship Fair (an event devoted to employment and entrepreneurship) is also planned.


ANJE is a public interest association governed by private law whose objective is to represent young Portuguese entrepreneurs, aimed at meeting common interests and making their companies more dynamic. Set up in 1986, it operates mainly in the areas of training, entrepreneurship support, company incubation/acceleration and business associations.


In over 30 years of operation, ANJE has gained fame in defending the interests of young entrepreneurs, in promoting entrepreneurship and supporting company creation. So much so that the association is now a member of the Economic and Social Council and is called on to speak on major socioeconomic issues in the country. It has also been awarded the Order of Merit by the President of Portugal. It is considered to be a pioneer in the promotion of entrepreneurship in Portugal.