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The Coimbra Hospital and University Centre (CHUC) launched the initiative “Message H2 – MSH2”, which consists in sending messages of solidarity sent by family and friends to each patient in hospital.

The initiative is part of the “H2 Project – Humanising the Hospital”, created to alleviate the isolation situation in which hospitalised patients find themselves, says the CHUC, in a statement sent to Lusa , stressing that the “situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced profound changes in hospital reality”.


“Currently, one of the most worrying aspects with regard to the humanisation of hospital care is the situation of great isolation of infected patients, particularly in intensive or intermediate care units, who are compulsorily away from family contact for several weeks”, the hospital pointed out.


On the other hand, “the same situation also occurs with patients admitted for other pathologies, since the current rules of clinical management require a marked limitation (or even prohibition) of visits”.


According to the CHUC, the development of the MSH2 initiative of “Project H2” will be progressive and dynamic, divided into two distinct phases: “the first, focused mainly on Covid-19 patients, and the second, where inpatients with other pathologies will also be covered”.


“The dynamics of their progression will be adjusted according to what the practice will advise”, the communiqué said, stating that “for the patients and their families, this situation of isolation and remoteness is, of course, generating great anguish and suffering”.


The MSH2 initiative, which received a favourable opinion from the Ethics Committee of the CHUC, operates through a message system in digital format, with access through the institutional website of the hospital centre on the Internet (