Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Portugal has once again been placed at the forefront of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world to live in or to visit.

While recent climate reports have painted a grim future of the well-being of the planet, a handful of countries, among them Portugal, have been singled out for their positive ecological contribution.

According to the Good Country Index, which aims to measure the impact a single country has on the wider world, Portugal has been ranked as the third most positive contributor.

The index takes into account a number of factors, including a country’s ecological footprint relative to the size of the economy and the percentage of renewable energy used.

“In our age of advanced globalisation and massive interdependence, everything sooner or later, has an impact on the whole system,” Simon Anholt, an independent policy advisor who founded the index, was quoted as saying.

“I wanted to create the first index that measured the external impact of each country on the whole of humanity, the whole planet, outside its own borders.”

Following the release of these findings, the BBC ran a report to discover why countries like Portugal are much greener than its neighbours.

It says that Portugal was an early leader in investing in a full network of charging stations for electric cars (which was free until just recently), and has incentivised citizens to install solar power and renewable energy with lower rates and the opportunity to sell energy back to the grid.