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Centro Colombo has made available Share Now service to their visitors, becoming the first shopping centre in Portugal to provide this kind of services.

Sonae Sierra is proactively embracing the new disruptive forces that are transforming the mobility ecosystem. From new players in the value chain, until new business models and collaboration between providers, Sonae Sierra has a strong roadmap of initiatives already deployed and under deployment in our shopping centres.


The first service installed in most of the Sonae Sierra's shopping centres was the deployment of electric chargers. Since last December, visitors could charge their cars (Electric or Hybrid) while shopping at our destinations using Galp Electric chargers. The usage of the service is exceeding the initial expectations. In near future, Sonae Sierra will review the current capacity in order to provide more capacity for our visitors.


Since June, Sonae Sierra visitors could also use the Share Now service in Centro Colombo. SHARE NOW is a free-floating car-sharing service that allows customers to rent and pay for vehicles by smartphone with more than 4 Million customers and available at 31 cities in the world.-  Aiming to increase our visitor's convenience, Sonae Sierra created a specific parking lot area for Share Now fleet where our customers could park cars for free in -1 floor. Sonae Sierra expects to enlarge the footprint of Share Now service to other shopping centres in the following months.


Until the end of the year, Sonae Sierra will roll out additional initiatives that aim to reinforce our compromise with comfort, security and convenience while visiting our shopping centres. Sonae Sierra expects to increase the number of options to reach our destinations at same time that we gradually improve the amenities that are currently available (bike racks, dedicated areas for ride sharing services - cars, motorbikes, and scooters).