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The European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) and THE NEXT SOCIETY(TNS) organised the "EU - South MED Cluster Matchmaking Event & TechDays" on 9-11 April 2019 in Casablanca, Morocco. The overall objective of the event was to facilitate contacts and collaboration between European clusters and clusters from South-Mediterranean countries.

The event included the participation of 17 European clusters and two SMEs from eight European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Serbia and Spain). The European cluster delegation met with representatives of the South MED delegation that included 22 clusters from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. The clusters represented different sectors including agriculture and food industry, energy and environment, information and communication technologies (ICT) and mechatronics, textile and transport and logistics.


The cluster delegations took advantage of various sessions, which included: a visit to "LOGISMED 2019" (8th Edition of the Transport and Logistics International Salon for Africa and Mediterranean); speed-pitching session for clusters; cluster-to-cluster (C2C) meetings; three workshops; three field visits to MASCiR, ESITH and CTI; and additional networking activities.


During the cluster matchmaking event, 150 formal meetings between the South MED and the European cluster delegations were conducted, in addition to the informal meetings and interactions that took place through the various networking activities included in the agenda. Preliminary feedback has been very positive and several opportunities have been identified by the delegates through this event.


Additional information can be found here.