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The world epicenter of Port wine is set along the Douro River in Porto, Portugal. This charming city is easy to navigate by foot and filled with world-class restaurants, stunning tile work and architecturally diverse buildings. These nine experiences are a must for wine and Port lovers visiting Porto.

1. Visit the Port Wine Cellars

The best way to get acquainted Port is with visit to one or several of the famous Port Wine Cellars where you can learn about the history, the growing regions, the production process and best of all sample the precious aged nectar. Vila Nova de Gaia, located south of the city of Porto on the opposite side of the Douro River, is home to the Port Wine Cellars. Port Wine is a sweet fortified wine, exclusively produced in the Douro designated region, aged in the cellars in Gaia and exported from Porto all over the world. Of note are Grahams’s Cellars and Offley Cellars each awarded Best of Wine Tourism in the last five years.


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