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The sixth museum to join the WOW project, the Porto Fashion and Fabric Museum pays tribute to Portugal’s influential contribution to the textile industry.

World of Wine (WOW) is delighted to announce that it will open its sixth museum and shop, entirely dedicated to fashion and textiles, on 28th November 2020. A new fine dining restaurant located inside the museum, Mira Mira, will also open at the time of the launch. These new additions will complete the expansive experience offering at WOW, which is already home to five museums, five shops, four restaurants, two cafes and a wine bar. 


The Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum, located adjacent to WOW’s main square, will be housed in a historic building, Atkinson House, that dates back to the 18th century and features a chapel by renowned architect Nicolau Nasoni, with restored frescoes. Classified as a ‘Building of Public Interest’, the exhibition layout and interior design of the 2,000 square metre space were imagined by Studio Astolfi, ensuring that both were given as much importance as the content itself.

The museum comprises of two sections, the first of which is dedicated to the textile industry in Portugal, highlighting the importance of the sector in the development of northern Portugal and its contribution to the national economy. It is here that visitors will learn about the process of creating textiles, from the transformation of raw materials to the final finishes. The second floor of the museum serves as a stage for Portuguese fashion, in particular the national footwear and the ancient art of filigree, showcasing the true DNA of Portuguese fashion from the 1980s to the present day. 


Opening alongside the Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum, Mira Mira, a new fine dining restaurant will also open on 28th November 2020. Located in the same historic building, the restaurant’s terrace will boast panoramic views over Gaia and the Douro River. The menu will include dishes prepared with special attention to nutritional balance – healthy, tasty and nutritious.

The Porto Fashion & Fabric museum is set to take a leading role as a hub for developing creativity, critical thinking and sharing knowledge amongst the leading players in these sectors. The museum will foster a network with both national and international schools, universities, companies, museums and cultural institutions, as well as Portugal Fashion and ModaLisboa, raising awareness of products that are made in Portugal.