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Packlink, the fastest growing online shipping provider in Europe, has announced the launch of a brand new shipping platform in Portugal, in partnership with PayPal. This service will also be available in Spain, France and Italy.

It is well known that 2020 has been a very worrying year for small traders. One of the issues, which has the most impact on the business, is to build a stable logistics process and deliver the goods to customers on time and safely. A recent study, carried out by IPSOS for PayPal, to analyze how COVID-19 has influenced customer behavior, showed that 70% of Portuguese consumers are concerned about the timely delivery of the products they have purchased.


To address this issue, the company is launching a new solution – PayPal Shipping, powered by Packlink, which will provide small business owners and occasional sellers with a quick and easy way to ship the items they have sold. PayPal business customers in Portugal can access the platform at


This solution was created by Packlink specifically for the PayPal commerce platform – a solution that provides small businesses with an easy way to start operating their online businesses and access a full set of digital payments and business solutions that can help these businesses, starting to accept and make payments; risk management; accelerated growth; streamline operations and growth in a new and rapidly evolving scenario for digital commerce – and will offer the best shipping services from major Spanish carriers, including DPD and UPS. Buyers will be able to choose the service they prefer for each shipment. Whether it’s a single shipment or multiple shipments, you can purchase and print labels and track orders with just a few clicks.


Packlink joins PayPal to launch brand new shipping platform in Portugal

The cooperation between the two companies brings together two crucial aspects of e-commerce – payments and shipping – and aims to make everyday sales easier and more economical for both small businesses and occasional sellers.