Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Sport, like many other areas, is an activity severely affected by the pandemic restrictions. The withdrawal of the public from the arenas and also the dynamic work of professional and amateur athletes changed significantly in recent times. Despite all the health security protocols implemented, the fear of contamination prevails.

In football the public ceased making a human frame in the stadiums, the changing rooms are a source of increased concern, in the junior schools parents experience some discomfort with the fear of contagion, even with strict compliance with all security health protocols. Even also recognizing the vast importance of physical exercise in mental and physical well-being.


Along with the need to safeguard the health issue, everyone is equally aware of the economy continuing to function importance.


It is up to the industry to create solutions to minimize the gaps.


Last Friday, MTEX NS celebrated in its hometown a partnership with FC Famalicão, a Portuguese first league football team.


The MTEX NS CEO, Elói Ferreira and the Sales Director, Marco Apolinário, together with FC Famalicão SAD President, Miguel Ribeiro signaled a commitment related with the SARS-CoV-2 combat in sports.


FC Famalicão integrates certified equipment in its facilities reinforcing athletes, coaches, staff, suppliers and fans safety regarding the pandemic combat. The solutions integrated were: PHYS XL for garments and objects sterilization; PURE, for air sterilization (offices, auditoriums, and all indoor spaces), and PRISM, contactless alcohol gel dispensers for hand hygiene.


FC Famalicão adapts itself to current and future times, strengthening the safety of its entire structure and, by doing that, recalling the health benefits arising from sports practice also during this pandemic season.


This brief ceremony could also count with a Mayor of V. N. de Famalicão representative: the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Councilor, Augusto Lima.


MTEX NS challenges all sportive and non-sportive players to follow this example, assuring to find financially viable solutions for each situation.