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Besides having sold equipment and tests to Portugal, the group has collected a donation through Luz Saúde, Millennium bcp and Fidelidade.

The Fosun group announced on Monday the immediate delivery of 700,000 masks and 200,000 tests for Covid-19 screening to the National Health Service (SNS), sent directly from China on a plane from Shanghai.


“The Fosun group sent directly from China about 180 cubic meters of equipment, including one million masks for use by health workers, of which 700,000 will be delivered immediately to the SNS, which purchased them, as well as 200,000 tests developed by Fosun’s medical department, Fosun Pharma, which are CE certified,” the company said in a statement.


According to the company, this first plane from Shanghai “also carries individual protection equipment for health workers that will be donated to the Portuguese State by the Fosun group, as well as screening tests for Covid-19, with the support of Luz Saúde, Millennium bcp and Fidelidade”.


Fosun recalls that as part of the second phase of its operations against the Covid-19 pandemic, since March 22nd it has been distributing medical protection equipment “to help fight the countries with a rapid epidemic outbreak, namely Italy, Japan, South Korea, India, the United Kingdom, France and now Portugal”.


“As a global company with roots in China, we hope to be able to do our part to help the world win the fight against the new coronavirus as quickly as possible”.


Quoted in the communiqué, the president of Fosun International recalls that “At the time of the epidemic, Fosun joined the group’s companies in Portugal to maintain close communication with the Portuguese government to provide full support to the local fight against the epidemic,” says Guo Guangchang.


In turn, Jorge Magalhães Correia, ‘global partner’ of the Fosun group, says that “On behalf of the Fosun Group I would like to thank the Government for the efficient way in which this operation has been speeded up and I would also like to thank Groundforce, ANA Airports and their employees for the operational facilities they have made available,” he said, also thanking TAP for “having taken care in record time of all the legal and regulatory requirements for this operation to be carried out, in total safety, via Shanghai, a destination to which it has never flown”.