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The second quarter has seen a significant increase of 12.5 percent in sales figures for wine, according to a press release by the German Wine Institute (DWI), taking into account the Nielsen Homescan Panel. The panel covers all purchases made by registered users in different shopping centres.

Consumers have made greater use of German wines in particular, with sales increasing by 14 percent. However, there are great differences within the wine types: White wines have gained 10 percent, red wines 15 percent and rosés a remarkable 29 percent.


The panel found that the number of households buying wine increased by 4 percent. In addition, the volume of purchases per household increased by 7 percent compared to the same quarter last year. The observation is attributed to the fact that consumers chose other sales channels during the gastronomy lockdown. Added to this is the effect of the general trend towards regional products.


However, it was not only German wines that were bought more frequently throughout the first half of the year: Italy, France and Spain also saw year-on-year growth of 2 percent each, or 7.5 percent in the case of Spain, and achieved market shares of 16 percent (Italy), 11 percent (France) and 10 percent (Spain) respectively. German wines increased by 3 percent and reached 44 percent market share.