Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Portugal Tech programme, launched in December 2018 by the Development Finance Institution (IFD), in partnership with the European Investment Fund (FEI), has already selected three venture capital and private equity funds and invested in a dozen Portuguese companies.

Launched less than six months ago, in a ceremony presided over by the Deputy Minister of the Economy, and with the objective of attracting private and institutional capital for investment in technology-based companies, startups, SMEs and Portuguese Midcaps, Portugal Tech has already begun to show levels of success.

Of the €100 million originally agreed between the Development Finance Agency (through national funds) and the European Investment Fund (through European funds from the European Investment Bank and the Juncker Plan), some €60 million has been selected for three private funds managed by Portuguese teams: Indico Capital Partners (venture capital), Armilla Venture Partners (technology transfer) and Vallis Capital Partners (private equity).


The financing provided by Portugal Tech as a cornerstone investor, coupled with the quality seal of the rigorous selection process led by the FEI, was crucial for these national funds to reach their first closing in the first half of 2019, mobilising an additional €140 million by Portuguese and foreign institutional investors.