Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Helping Portuguese producers to distribute essential products, in this phase of national emergency, is the objective of Continente supermarkets with the company announcing its intention to expand its network through the integration of new members in the Clube de Produtores Continente (CPC).

Mainland sales of domestic products have been increasing steadily, with more than 92,000 tonnes acquired in the last year, corresponding to fruits and vegetables, of which the following stand out: 16,000 tonnes of citrus fruit from the Algarve, 9,000 tonnes of Alcobaça and Beira Alta apples, 5,000 tonnes of Rocha do Oeste pear, 13,000 tonnes of vegetables for soup and 10,000 tonnes of potatoes, garlic and onions.

More than 15,000 tonnes of cheese produced in Portugal, corresponding to around 150 million litres of milk collected throughout the country and 4,000 tonnes of wheat from Alentejo, whose flour is used daily to produce fresh bread in Continente stores.

“In this period of emergency, we intend to promote the integration of new members, guaranteeing all the strict safety and quality procedures of our products”, says Ondina Afonso, president of Clube de Produtores Continente.


The objective of the CPC is to make national products of excellence available to customers, resulting from a partnership with producers, supported by technical and scientific knowledge and which allows the retailer to align with consumption trends.
The Club is also committed to supporting local production, to small scale producers, managing to supply some stores in the Continente retail chain, resulting in an offer of “Products from the Region”.

Food Distribution was identified as a critical service by the Government and Sonae MC is aware of its responsibility to the country, thus following the guidelines of the General Health Directorate and the Ministry of Economy.