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Oranges and citrus fruits from the Algarve are the new export of Lidl Portugal to the chain’s stores in Germany, Pierre Silva, director of Fruits & Vegetables at Lidl Portugal. Since yesterday, there are German citrus fruits ‘speaking’ German in food retail stores.

The entry of Algarvian citrus fruit into the export route of the food chain has long been under study. At last year’s edition of Fruit Logistica, the largest fruit and vegetable fair in Berlin, Lidl even admitted that it was considering introducing four new horticultural products in the batch of those purchased from national producers and sent to chain stores in the various markets where it is present.


Currently, from Portugal, fruits like rock pear, red fruits or Alcobaça apples are exported to the foreign market. In 2018 alone, the chain placed 15 thousand tons of national fruits and vegetables (+ 13%) in Lidl supermarkets in Germany, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Poland.


This Wednesday, in Berlin, Lidl, one of Portugal Fresh’s partners in export, will announce the export values ​​of 2019. Germany, where the chain has a park of around 3 thousand stores, is the main market for export.


In the last five years, Lidl purchased 41,500 tons of IGP certified citrus fruits (protected geographical indication), being one of the main buyers of this type of product in the region.


“We are currently working on the national market with Cacial. It is a very important partner not only in orange but also in clementine and lemon ”, needed Pierre Silva, director of fruit and vegetable purchases at Lidl Portugal, in June last year to Dinheiro Vivo.


It is the northern region that consumes the most citrus fruits in the Algarve, responsible for the consumption of 35% of the 41,500 tons of citrus bought from Cacial in the last five years.