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Taking into account the current global context of the Covid-19 pandemic, our team has developed products (certified carpets and masks), thus contributing to greater safety for all.

• COVID CARPETS - PVC carpet with anti-bacterial solution (HACCP certification) that allows the decontamination of footwear in critical areas of passage, contributing to the safety of various environments such as shopping centers, stores, hotels, restaurants, clinics, homes the elderly, food industries, etc. This rug can be customized.


• COVID MASKS - Professional Use (Citeve Level 2 Certification) - Reusable portuguese  manufactured masks and is intended to serve as a complementary protection to physical distance measures, essential for Covid-19 control The results of the tests carried out prove that this model meets the requirements for breathability and particle filtration capacity for masks used, specific to this context, and allows up to 5 washes. These can also be customized.


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