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The family behind Lisbon’s Casa Fortunato lives among — and just above — their guests.

EARLY IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP, the architect António Falcão Costa Lopes and his wife, Filipa Fortunato, decided that opening a hotel one day might stave off empty-nest syndrome. “When we got married, over 20 years ago, we noticed that our parents were sad, even a little lonely, when we moved out,” says Fortunato, now 44, adding, half-jokingly, “We thought if we had a small hotel, and lived there, we would always have guests and wouldn’t get tired of talking only to each other.” The original plan was to sell their four-bedroom apartment in Bairro das Estacas, a Modernist complex in northern Lisbon, and build a nearby house-hotel from scratch after the last of their four children left for university, an event still 13 years off. “Then fate intervened,” says Fortunato — and now the couple is looking after children and guests both.


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