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The solidarity account set up in Macau to assist in buying medical supplies for Portugal to face the Covid-19 pandemic has raised almost MOP1.5 million (US$187,869) as of this morning (Thursday), the president of BNU, Carlos Cid Álvares, advanced to Macau News Agency.

Local civil-servant retirement association APOMAC today donated MOP200,000 to the effort with its president telling MNA that as group culturally linked with Portugal, it has always been involved in aid initiatives to assist the country.


“We have made this at least three times. We collected money to help mitigate the impact of the 2017 Portugal wildfires and floods in Madeira. Although not in cooperation with other local associations as with this effort,” former legislator Jorge Fao told MNA.


The association collected funds from members and non-members which preferred to channel the support through APOMAC that individually submit the money.


“In the past, we’ve also raised aid funds after floods in China. We’re just trying to do our part […] We didn’t ask just wealthy people, we asked people close to us and friends, that each contributed MOP10,000, MOP20,000 or juts MOP500 and still managed to raise a good amount in a short time” Fao added.


“It’s necessary, medical equipment to fight Covid-19 are really expensive, just a good ventilator cost before MOP500,000.


Nowadays even Chinese ventilators must be around MOP120,000. I think Portugal needs ventilators the most. In Spain and Italy, life and death decisions had to be made due to the lack of ventilators”


Portugal has so far reported 8,251 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 187 deaths, with the country currently in a declared state of emergency.


The initiative was organised by several local Portuguese or Macanese associations, and with the support of the Portuguese Consulate in Macau and Hong Kong, BNU and AICEP Portugal Global.


The entities created an account at BNU, under the number 9016556516, under the name COVID19 – Portugal Conta Solidariedade.


The President of Casa de Portugal em Macau and one of the initiative coordinators, Amélia António, told MNA that she believes the initiative can still reach MOP2 million or beyond before its proposed deadline on April 5.


“I would love that we breach the MOP2 million barrier. After the initiative ends the main priority will be to purchase protective equipment for frontline health workers who have to be in direct contact with patients. They really need to be protected to keep the pandemic controlled,” António noted.