Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Famasete - Technology Group presented in London the first interactive and multitouch display with Portuguese brand. The WIP (Wingsys Interactive Panel) allows discovering immersive and collaborative learning in a classroom environment, promoting interactivity so that teachers can more easily access tools for organizing, managing, sending and controlling student activities.

Aligned with the pedagogical principles, the Wingsys interactive display features IR and PCAP technology in different sizes, 4K resolution, Android 8.0 and aims to revolutionize the way teachers and students of the 21st century get involved and build knowledge. With a simple and intuitive interface, screen sharing and interaction from any computer in the classroom to the Interactive Display are now possible with Wireless Screen Sharing.


WIP promotes group work and collaborative learning through the use of the ik Classroom Management (ikCM) management software, which enables the technological implementation of a classroom adapted to the current pedagogical challenges.


Through monitoring, interaction, control, management and diagnosis tools, it motivates and involves the student's attention, keeping the focus on significant learning processes. The Wingsys Interactive Display aims to assist teachers with a variety of assessments, collaboration and control resources to ensure they can get the best out of their ICT equipment.


The official presentation of this product took place at Bett Show - ExCeL, London, the largest exhibition in the world in the educational technology scene, bringing together more than 1,000 leading companies and interesting EdTech startups, with more than 34,000 participants. This device was part of the connectivity solution presented by Microsoft Corporation, in partnership with jp.ik. More than a school, the CLC - Community Learning Center - responds to the main needs of a community, being prepared to provide education and health services, to promote training programs for adults and to welcome civic acts.


In addition to the educational sector, this product adapts perfectly to other environments. In the business sector, for example, displays allow training work teams with dynamic collaboration tools, increasing productivity and inspiring business advances.


WIP is a visual collaboration solution, designed to harness the power of the multitouch system for fast, flexible and unlimited collaboration and is part of the WingsysClass concept - Empowering teachers to inspire greatness in students in the classroom.