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EDISOFT was awarded by "EXPERTISE France" to develop an e-learning solution contributing to a better security of the Gulf of Guinea maritime routes.

EDISOFT has been selected by the GOGIN project implemented by the French public agency "EXPERTISE France" to develop an e-learning platform that will enable the maritime security community of the Gulf of Guinea to jointly organize and manage training activities and crisis response exercises.


The e-learning platform TESS "Training and Education Support System" will be applicable to the maritime centres and regional universities involved in maritime surveillance of the 19 coastal countries of the Gulf of Guinea. TESS will contribute to the commitment of the European Union (EU) and the development of local Maritime Security capabilities.


The EU-project GoGIN (Gulf of Guinea Inter-Regional Network) is running under the Critical Maritime Routes Programme funded by the European Commission, to improve safety and security of shipping and trading lines of communication while promoting regional and inter-agency cooperation in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea.


The GoGIN project represents the commitment of the EU to actively contribute to the development of local Maritime Security capabilities of the 19 signing countries of the Yaoundé Code of Conduct, with the goal to combat piracy, armed robbery against ships and other illicit maritime activities such as drug trafficking and illegal fishing, along a coastline of approximately 6.000 km, stretching from Senegal to Angola, including the islands of Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe. GoGIN also supports the transnational structures of the Yaoundé Architecture in accordance with their established rules and responsibilities.


The development of TESS as a collaborative e-learning platform will enable the Gulf of Guinea maritime structures to jointly organize and manage trainings and practical exercises for the different agencies on several topics, such as illegal fishing, pollution or maritime crisis management, thus contributing to the achievement of two major objectives of GoGIN: to support the establishment of an interregional technical and human network allowing cross-regional and inter-sectoral maritime information sharing, and to improve the regional capacity for dialogue, coordination and steering of activities in the field of State’s actions at sea.