Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Portugal is a great country to invest because it has political and economic stability, bureaucracy is shrinking and the state supports investors, Portuguese Prime MInister António Costa has said.

Costa highlighted the main qualities and attractive points of the country for potential investors in an address given to an audience of 600 international investors in the opening address of the Venture Summit, a parallel event to the Web Summit, which is due to begin on Monday evening in Lisbon.


"Portugal is a great place to invest. Bureaucracy has been tamed and is shrinking, there is political and economic stability and the ecosystem is prosperous," he said.


According to Costa, another of the advantages of Portugal is that the State supports investors, including a fund of €200 million, a co-investment programme for innovative companies in need of venture capital, announced a year ago by the PM precisely at the opening of the 2016 Venture Summit.


"I leave you with a final message. What we say in tourism is even more true for your investments: they can not pass Portugal by," he said.