Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


EXMceuticals Inc., an emerging bio-sciences company specializing in the production of unique cannabinoid formulations, is pleased to announce its membership to The Portuguese Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry – APIFARMA.

After an extensive diligence period, EXMceuticals Portugal has been accepted to become a member of the Portuguese Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (APIFARMA). EXM’s interests will now be represented by an Association that brings together industry, development initiatives and the broader health community. The Association helps to nurture innovation, promote resilient regulatory systems, maintain high standards of quality, uphold ethical practices and advocate sustainable health policies to meet patient and health system needs. This is timely as the Portuguese government has designated the broader health sciences industry to be one of national strategic focus, as well as a priority for the economic rebuild and planned re-industrialisation post-COVID 19.


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