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Contisystems launches Unicks, the modular platform that came to streamline the communication management of companies with their customers.

Contisystems launches today the new platform - Unicks. Unicks was born from the expression "Universal Blocks" since this solution is supported by service blocks that aim to cover all the communication management needs of companies with their customers, but that can be used in a modular way, with different configurations depending on the customer and challenge to address.


Contisystems has been addressing the topic of customer communication management for more than a decade and has a client portfolio in this area that it is very proud of. Among banks, insurance companies, large distribution, utilities and consumer goods, there are several segments where this activity is already developed.


Almost 4 years ago, a business division dedicated to the management of communication with customers was created and complementary services to the classic services of document production, multichannel distribution and digital archive have been multiplying since then.


Now, the challenge is to transform the communication of this offer, organize it and make the entire universe of blocks available and their functionalities more clear.


In challenging times, when the digital transformation has been accelerated by the circumstances, the automation of processes and a greater personalization of communication with the consumer is essential. At the same time, we must manage open ecosystems, which do not require heavy migrations from central systems and which are open to future news.