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Four Mitsui E&S Machinery Co. Ltd ship-to-shore (STS) new gantry cranes will support the growth of a container terminal in Portugal.

Yilport Holding ordered the STS cranes, which will have a 62m outreach capacity for 22 rows and 18m span, for its Liscont Container Terminal in Lisbon, Portugal.


Robert Yuksel Yildirim, president & CEO of Yildirim Group of Companies, said: “YILPORT Holding aims to create world-class, multipurpose facilities on an international scale. We commit to bringing state-of-the-art technology, infrastructure, and equipment to all our terminals.


“Development is a never-ending job for us, so we are more than happy to empower Liscont with the world’s most advanced crane equipment from Mitsui E&S. I believe YILPORT Liscont will continue delivering superior performance after the installation of new STS cranes.”


The cranes will have state-of-the-art technology with anti-sway and anti-skew controls, automatic transferring function from seaside to land side with safe height, ship-profiling system, and truck position system.


They will be delivered in 28 months, confirmed Yilport Holding.