Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


When it comes to buying online, #pickportugal: this is the message AEP – the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry is spreading around the world.

Portugal is a country with a vocation for internationalization. Historically and culturally, Portuguese people have shown that the country’s geographically small size is no obstacle to showing itself to the world, to reaching the four corners of the earth.


Nowadays, when it comes to economy, technological advances – particularly in the digital world – have simplified the task of starting beyond our borders, while at the same time giving Portuguese companies a new responsibility – the presence and the digital strategy are increasingly fundamental requirements for growth.


Based on these premises, AEP – the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, launched the Portugal Digital Export project, an initiative that, in the words of its president – Luís Miguel Ribeiro, “materializes one of the association’s main purposes, the stimulus of the internationalization of Portuguese companies”. The path to internationalization goes, of course, through digital. E-commerce platforms enable micro, small, and medium enterprises to reach customers around the world in a simple and practical way. And they also allow consumers around the world to know, enjoy, and purchase products with a Portuguese label.


#PickPortugal – the hashtag to look for when buying online

Looking for the international visibility of Portuguese companies online, AEP, within the scope of Portugal Digital Export, has designed an international communication campaign to promote Portuguese e-commerce. The message is clear – Buying Online? #pickPortugal.


To star in this campaign were selected 9 companies – success stories and examples of good practices in the adoption of digital tools for internationalization. The 9 companies – A Sua Farmácia Online (Your Online Pharmacy), Filigrana Portuguesa (Portuguese Filigree), Friendly Fire, Luc, Maria do Mar Shop, Nanai, Oia Design, Oniris Store, and Portugal Nosso  – were finalists of the 2019 Digital Awards by AEP contest, another initiative part of Portugal Digital Export.


Portugal Digital Export – a project tailored to the needs of Portuguese companies

Portugal Digital Export is an initiative of AEP co-financed by COMPETE 2020, PORTUGAL 2020, and the European Union through European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It encompasses various activities, such as prospecting missions, training programs, workshop development, e-book launching, or the 2019 Digital Awards by AEP contest.


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