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Intermarché, a unit of French retail group Les Mousquetaires, is planning to implement a new technological solution from Zetes to improve the efficiency of its supply chain operations in Portugal.

The ZetesZeus supply chain visibility cloud solution will provide Intermarché with a real-time overview of critical operation data on order fulfillment and inventory movement.


The solution provides accurate information on each order by collecting, integrating, and homogenising the data from external supplier systems. It also improves article traceability and waste reduction.


According to Intermarché's logistics and supply chain manager, Jorge Rafael, the retailer plans to test the technology with two of its main suppliers.


Real-Time Access


By associating data from different systems, Intermarché will gain real-time access to all critical events in its supply chain.

The new system will replace monthly e-mail reports with instant access to smart data from the entire chain on easy-to-read dashboards.


Relevant information, such as order discrepancies, product permanence and transit times, as well as inbound and outbound shipping events until final delivery, can be monitored.


The new solution also triggers alerts when exceptions occur, allowing supply chain teams to take immediate corrective action.