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PLM Global an Aveiro (Portugal)-based company, announced that it has reached an agreement to install prevention solutions against Covid-19 in the United Arab Emirates.

The Portuguese technology will be installed at Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park, one of the most recent innovation centres in the United Arab Emirates, according to a statement issued by the company.


The deal follows solutions tested and applied at Dubai’s World Trade Center and its main shopping centre, Dubai Mall.  In Dubai the company also has a deal to supply the VIDA Residence hotel.


The prevention solutions were tested over two months at the hotel, culminating in the trial period in the agreement with the Portuguese company. 


The Portuguese company has created a system with an integrated “one-stop” solution, based on touchless technology for the control of inputs from consumers and employees.


The solution is equipped with a wide range of security procedures, such as temperature gauging and mask use, also allowing traceability and a personalized management of access management and control, through facial recognition.


Available in different supports, ranging from tunnels to gantry cranes and adaptable to the various access systems already in existence, it can be personalised with the identity of client brands, as PLM Global already did with reference brands such as Microsoft, Alibaba Group, Nestlé, Lenovo, Canon and Panasonic, among others.


According to the company’s source, business in Dubai under the ‘Prevention’ brand name comes after other contracts in the UK and the Netherlands with companies such as Twin Technology and ST World respectively.


After the internationalisation of its Covid-19 prevention solutions, PLM will also focus on the domestic market, with solutions aimed at both the institutional market and the private sector.