Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Finnish Embassy in Portugal in collaboration with Business Finland and AICEP invite you to participate in a virtual webinar: “ Sustainable textile innovations from Finland ”, organized on the 15th of December at 9.30.

Finnish sustainable textile innovations have a clear goal: to find sustainable processes with sustainable materials for the world’s textile needs. With the strong emphasis on sustainability in the Portuguese textile industry, Finland and Portugal can be great partners in creating a greener future. 


It is estimated that the textile industry is responsible of around 2 % of the global carbon emissions. Not only the production of fabrics and products, but also the distribution chain and how the consumers care for the product by washing, drying and ironing, all contribute to the emissions. In average, the usability over time of a single piece has decreased 36 %. The current model uses a lot of energy, water, chemicals and non-renewable natural resources.  Finland has a long tradition in pulp and paper industry and three quarters of the country is covered by forests, where Finnish textile innovations have now found their primary raw material. These technologies use wood fiber not only to produce recyclable and sustainable textiles for the future, but also packaging that replaces the usage of plastic.


In Portugal, the textile sector represents 10% of national exports and 20% of the industrial employment. Due to the 2008 crisis and the current pandemic, the textile sector is set to play a major role in Portuguese economy and its reindustrialization plans. These plans will be boosted by diversification, modernization and innovation. Joining these innovations and synergies together from Finland and Portugal, the goal of finding sustainable processes with sustainable materials for the world’s textile needs in a larger scale can be closer and have an impact on the overall goals on reducing carbon emissions and usage of resources.


Webinar: Sustainable textile innovations from Finland

Date: 15th of December

Program and Registration: Webinar Registration - Zoom