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AMOP in partnership with IMPACT PLAN, has developed a new artistic and ludic street furniture project, to bring life and inspiration to public spaces. This project is called UMBRELLA PROJECT.

According to Amop Chairman Board, Fernando Marques, this project reflects the recognition, of the artistic implementation of Umbrella Sky Project with its first appearance in 2012 at Agitágueda.  Agitágueda is an annual artistic festival in Águeda, known by its “colourful umbrellas” spread throughout the city, which became an iconic flag for Águeda City.


It was created by Impact Plan under the artistic supervision of Patricia Cunha. The creation was based in a strategy of differentiation and value relating design to emotion, together with the mission of “colouring and animating the greyer places in the world and turning brands closer to people, democratizing the access to art”


The recent UMBRELLA PROJECT was born as a result of those commitments. It’s a street urban project that explores through its design, the symbolism of Águeda “umbrella” recognizing that art has a central role in the life of the community.


Materials like concrete, wood and steel were used to create high formal and constructive quality products, all set on a design strategy. Moreover these materials are characterised by great durabity, resistance and low maintenance, which are essential features for urban spaces. They are easily installed; these are self-standing architectonic concrete Amop elements!


With the launching scheduled for Agitágueda 2019, these new elements offer different functionalities like shading, seating as well as planters, paperbins and ashtrays. The models were developed and produced in Amop industrial unit in Águeda. The prototypes installed where this event takes place, are there for the enjoyment and comfort of its visitors.


This new furniture collection, adopts the motto:” color the life, bring color to grey city spaces and make people who passes by, smile!  A simple idea that brings life and protection to public spaces and at the same time transport us into a fantasy world”

Founded in 1973, Amop Synergies specialized in street furniture, wall coverings and pavements, employs more than 50 people and generates in international markets nearly a quarter of its sales.


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