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The registration of the Korea Wine Challenge(KWC) 2019 has started, and it is expected to be another year that will receive great attention from wine regions around the world.

As the most prestigious international wine convention, KWC is the only wine competition in Korea held every June. Under the slogan of “Selecting the best quality wines for the Korean palate” it introduces not only the most trustworthy wines and present a reasonable standard for the choice of wine to consumers but also contributes to the circulation of the market.

In addition, KWC office has been held various promotional activities to provide a wide range of awareness, such as a B2B trade tasting event.

For your information, please kindly refer to the below content of KWC tasting event last year or you can find it on the KWC SNS Channels.

*Instagram: @korea_wine_challenge

Please refer to the website of Korea Wine Challenge 2019 ( for more information about schedule and registration of KWC 2019.