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Vapesol is a Portuguese company specialized in the production of injectable soles.

It was founded in 1998 and it was always a priority during its development to have the best technology. Nowadays it produces over 20.000 pairs of soles a day, type: TR, TPU and EVA.


Apart from the usual injectable soles, it also produces others with specific characteristics: TPR extra light soles (0,85 low density), TPR micro soles (0,70 low density), TPR dual density soles, cork soles, gel soles and biodegradable soles.


The variety of products that composes the different collections and the development of projects, that were thought to suit the needs of the user, are the result of the commitment of the several Vapesol teams.


The success and satisfaction from clients and the share of enthusiasm, are worked on a daily basis, because the company  believes that creativity shouldn’t be limited. The broad range of services, from its design to the production, makes Vapesol a market leader being mainly, distinguished by its technological advances, by the implementation of measures with environmental worries and by a strong connection with the client.