Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Lidl Portugal has doubled its exports in two years, establishing itself as one of the leading contributors to the growth of the country's economy, reports suggest.

Last year, the supermarket chain exported 206 product ranges worth €148.5 million, registering growth of 48.5% when compared with data from 2017.


The retailer helped 86 Portuguese suppliers to export their products to 30 countries across Europe and the US.

The most popular Portuguese exports include olive oil, cod, savoury spreads, bread, and pear, among others.


Main Export Markets

Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, and Germany are the main export markets for Lidl Portugal, while the Central European countries offer the greatest growth potential due to the purchasing power and the size of the markets.


Bread exports doubled in two years, with about 28 million units of bread exported in 2018, mainly to Luxembourg and Spain.

Lidl Portugal exported around 15,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, including pear, red fruits, and cabbage.


Olive Oil Exports

It sold 28 million litres of olive oil to foreign markets in partnership with Sovena, as well as 115 tonnes of cod, and one million bottles of piri-piri.


Private-label references accounted for half of its wine exports, amounting to approximately three million bottles, with 20,000 bottles of Azinhaga de Ouro red wine sold in the US.


Lidl Portugal has identified the sustainability of products and packaging as one of the main trends in the market.


The observation was based on increased consumer demand for sustainable cod and pastry produced with eggs from free-range hens.