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Thirty countries, five continents and 500 attendees to be gathered in Alfândega do Porto on the 19th and 20th of September for the world's biggest international congress on labour affairs.

The future of labour is now. Are we ready for it? On the 19th and the 20th of September, the world’s leading discussion on the future of labour and its relations will take place in Porto, at Alfândega. Labour2030 will gather the world’s most recognised experts from different backgrounds under the scope of finding the best solutions for the future of labour by combining science and know-how.  Sponsored by the International Labour Organisation and the Portuguese Authority for Labour Conditions, the event will welcome delegations from 30 different countries from 5 continents, more than 150 speakers as well as 500 attendees.


The impacts of artificial intelligence and new technologies on labour is not a futuristic topic anymore as congress will address it as a current challenge. The congress will also discuss other topics such as labour in the context of tech entrepreneurship and start-ups, new professions and corporate needs, the impact of industry on the environment. At a corporate and managerial level, Labour 2030 will also be exhibiting a range of products designed to support and optimise both the labour relations and human resources management, even having presentations on successful case studies of experience and innovation on the workers’ skills for the 4.0 labour industry.


“This congress became unavoidable to speaking openly about something that concerns us all. Not there is a lack of internal discussion on the labour market, but that internal debate became politicised in a war between employers and workers that generally ends up in more noise rather than real solutions. When we look abroad on highly-qualified workers’ unions, they work effectively on representing their workers, which gives us a clue of why the major part of the internal debate we have is too sterile and reductive”, Eduardo Castro Marques, from Law Academy, said.


Labour 2030 is organised by Law Academy together with CIELO (Spanish Labour and Occupational Research Community), the Young Labour Law Experts Association, and Cerejeira Namora and Marinho Falcão’s Law Firm. It is also sponsored by the International Labour Organisation, the Portuguese Authority for Labour Conditions, the Portuguese Labour Law Association and the Brazilian Institute of Policy and Law Research.